Hersh Slams Media Cover Up: “President Joe Biden Authorized Destruction of Nord Stream”

Six weeks ago, veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published a bombshell report, which named President Joe Biden as the official who ordered the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline on Sept. 26, 2022, and recounting the planning and execution of the attack in minute detail. Now, Hersh has published a follow-up slamming US media for aiding and abetting the US intel sabotage and cover-up.

The story “was subject to a near media blackout in the US”, Hersh noted, until “US and German intelligence agencies attempted to add to the blackout by feeding the New York Times and the German weekly Die Zeit false cover stories to counter the report that Biden and US operatives were responsible for the pipelines’ destruction”, writes Hersh.

“Press aides for the White House and Central Intelligence Agency have consistently denied that America was responsible for exploding the pipelines,” Hersh writes, which was “more than enough for the White House press corps.”

“There is no evidence that any reporter assigned there has yet to ask the White House press secretary whether Biden had done what any serious leader would do: formally “task” the American intelligence community to conduct a deep investigation, with all of its assets, and find out just who had done the deed in the Baltic Sea. According to a source within the intelligence community, the president has not done so, nor will he. Why not? Because he knows the answer.”

After German Chancellor Olaf Scholz visited President Biden hosted in Washington in early March, “with no members of the German press on board, no formal dinner scheduled, and the two world leaders were not slated to conduct a press conference, as routinely happens at such high-profile meetings.” Instead, Biden and Scholz had an 80-minute meeting, Hersh writes.

“I was told by someone with access to diplomatic intelligence that there was a discussion of the pipeline exposé and, as a result, certain elements in the Central Intelligence Agency were asked to prepare a cover story in collaboration with German intelligence that would provide the American and German press with an alternative version for the destruction of Nord Stream 2”, according to Hersh.

Whether or not Chancellor Scholz was alerted to the attack he has “clearly been complicit since last fall in support of the Biden Administration’s cover-up of its operation in the Baltic Sea”, Hersh writes.

After the Scholz-Biden meeting, the New York Times and German weekly Die Zeit concocted an alternate story to distract fro the Hersh expose, Hersh charges (Gateway Pundit reported).

“It was a total fabrication by American intelligence that was passed along to the Germans, and aimed at discrediting your story,” Hersh was told by a source within the American intelligence community. “The disinformation professionals inside the CIA understand that a propaganda gambit can only work if those on receiving are desperate for a story that can diminish or displace an unwanted truth. And the truth in question is that President Joe Biden authorized the destruction of the pipelines and will have a difficult time explaining away his action as Germany and its Western European neighbors suffer as businesses are shuttered amid high day-to-day energy costs.”

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