Hansen: Capitol Offense – The Ugly Truth Behind The Five Deaths From January 6th and 7th

Article was written by Tayler Hansen, originally published at taylerhansen.substack.com.

Over a year has passed since January 6th, 2021, or as MSM would call it the “Deadly Insurrection”, took place at the United States Capitol. Up until now, the most important but confusing questions have been:

  • Who killed who?
  • How did it happen
  • Why did it happen?

We have the answers, and our team has accumulated thousands of hours in forensic video analysis to back it up.

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The general public has become increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency and fake investigations. The January 6th committee has proven themselves to be completely inept in revealing the truth. As a remedy for this, a team of Independent Journalists, myself, David Sumrall, and others have finally cracked the code behind what truly took place on January 6th, 2021. Be sure to have a trashcan handy before reading, as the truth behind January 6th will make you sick to your stomach.

Since the evening of January 6th, 2021, our team has been gathering information and videos, interviewing witnesses, and relentlessly studying video footage from our cameras, what we’ve collected, and from thousands of hours of unconfiscated footage submitted by the public and those who were there on January 6th.

The January 6th Committee can shove their 14,000 hours of “classified” footage where the sun doesn’t shine because Americans around the country have stepped up in supplying all the evidence we need to bring the truth to light.

Follow closely as we explain in detail each of the five deaths from January 6th and 7th. We will show you how the Government, Capitol/MPD (Metropolitan Police Department) Police specifically, were responsible for all five deaths, and how they conspired to hide the truth from the public.

Consider as you read, the effects these actions have had on individuals, families, communities, and the way our citizens interact with one another on a daily basis.

There has been a major lack of accountability from USCP and MPD surrounding these deaths, yet unlimited resources have been allocated for the January 6th Unselect Committee to paint a narrative that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Death #1 – Benjamin Phillips

Pictured: Benjamin Phillips

Benjamin Phillips had moved with the crowd to the West side of the Capitol by the scaffolding next to the stairs. They were peacefully protesting and addressing their grievances (also known as exercising their Constitutionally protected 1st amendment rights) while pleading with Capitol Police to remain peaceful. Shouts from the crowd can be heard pleading, “Please don’t gas us, please don’t shoot us” as the Police positioned themselves with pepper ball guns. Ignoring the pleas, the Police began to randomly shoot into the crowd.

The first grenade was thrown deep into the peaceful protesters. They continued improperly throwing concussion grenades into the crowd of people chanting “USA, USA”. At this moment, the police officially began their assault on Protesters and you could feel the atmosphere change. Following the initial crowd munition exploding, four of the first grenades can be seen and heard on video in under 30 seconds.

One of those grenades struck Benjamin Phillips which stopped his heart, caused him to collapse, and ultimately took his life.

The video below captures when the first initial grenade hit the crowd and their reactions to it directly afterward. The initial crowd munition blew up just feet away from Phillips. Directly afterward, multiple grenades were thrown even deeper into the crowd and the surrounding areas.

Up until this point, the protest had not yet been declared an unlawful assembly meaning no announcement had been made to clear the area. Inspector General, Michael A Bolton called out the Capitol Police for the agency’s inadequacy in preparation. Bolton also referenced that the Civil Disturbance Unit was ordered NOT to use concussion grenades on the crowd that day.

In an exclusive quote given to Tayler Hansen’s Substack, Chris Alberts explains what he witnessed:

“When I arrived at the Capitol wall on January 6th after President Trump’s speech, there were already hundreds of people on the grounds. I heard one or two explosions around the base of the southwest steps. You could see the smoke cloud as people were walking down the sidewalk to the grass and to the steps.

As I followed the crowd towards the base of the steps, I noticed a circle of people keeping everyone back. Through the circle, I could see someone on the ground receiving CPR. The person giving the emergency first aid apparently was not having any success in resuscitating the man.

This man was Benjamin Phillips.

From what I could see, it appeared only one cop was controlling the whole crowd, I walked toward him (the cop) and said, ‘I know CPR and can help.’

The cop told me they had it under control.

I replied, “You aren’t even breathing for him, you need to be giving rescue breathing at the same time!”

The cop then told me that they don’t do that anymore.

I asked, “Why?”

“Covid,” was his answer. Cops no longer use emergency breathing measures to help save someone’s life because of a curable cold.

I then informed the officer that I have a CPR face shield in my medical kit for that exact reason.

He asked if I had an “AED” (Automatic External Defibrillator) in my medical kit? I responded that I did not.

He then said that if I wanted to help, I could keep the crowd back until they got medics to escort Phillips out. I found that kinda funny because by this time, the cop was joined by one, maybe two, other officers at the base of the steps. The crowd was actually staying off the sidewalk wondering what was taking so long to get help.

Shortly after turning my back to the Capitol and keeping people from a place they had every right to be at, I noticed the cop I had spoken to about the CPR/AED was hopping on his motorcycle. He drove up the sidewalk over to the medics who were lined up on the side of the road.

After getting an AED from the medics, the cop then rode his motorcycle back down the sidewalk to where Philips lay, still unconscious.

About 15 minutes after the cop showed up with the AED, some protesters had put Phillips onto a part of metal fencing and started carrying him down the same sidewalk that the motorcycle cop had driven down.

The same sidewalk people stayed off of so that a medical unit could get through to Phillips.

The people carrying Phillips on the fence walked by me. I could see one of the protesters who was walking with them continue performing CPR on Phillips as they walked.

As Phillips was being removed, I noticed about 20 or so riot cops come in to set up a line on the grass adjacent to the side of the sidewalk we were on.

Also at the same time they were carrying Phillips out of the Capitol area, the cops on the top of the steps ramped up the attacks with no warnings at all.

I have never seen that amount of explosive devices, tear gas, and rubber bullets used on any crowd.

No declaration of a riot. No warning. No call to disassemble and leave the Capitol grounds. Just an all-out assault on a crowd of everyday Americans practicing their first amendment rights.”

Witnesses confirm only one officer attempted to provide medical assistance to Benjamin Phillips. After receiving CPR from members of the crowd, protesters eventually carried Phillips out on a section of a barricade and transported him to the ambulance outside of the protest area. Upon reaching this area, one officer can be seen helping carry Phillips alongside protesters. Countless other officers who refused to help are seen standing by and doing nothing.

One of the factors that led to the successful identification of Phillips was the light blue jeans and shoes with red soles that he wore that day.

See Examples:

Although the Media has put out several conflicting stories about Phillips, one of them being whether he even made it to the Capitol, the video evidence proves the location and the official cause of death at least involved Capitol Police. The real story around Phillips’s death sounds dramatically different than what his friends were told by Police because it is.

There has been a major lack of accountability from USCP surrounding Phillips’s death. Someone needs to be held accountable, you can’t just kill people and blame it on heart disease, twice.

Death #2 – Kevin Greeson

Pictured: Kevin Greeson

The second death by Capitol Police was that of Kevin Greeson. Greeson, like Phillips, also fell victim to the barrage of grenades thrown into the crowd by Capitol Police. Protesters gave Greeson CPR while they attempted to alert the Police that he needed immediate medical attention. In a desperate attempt to save him, the crowd moved his body closer to medical staff on three occasions.

Pay close attention to what the cameraman says, and watch as the crowd tries to help Greeson amidst the confusion of the attack. Protesters, not Police, moved Greeson’s body closer to get him help from the paramedics.

A Washington Post reporter says:

“As flashbang grenades went off a man in the crowd suffered a medical emergency and then was pulled out to get CPR.”

Translation— A peaceful protester was killed by a concussion grenade thrown by the Capitol Police.

See Video, courtesy of our “friends” at Washington Post.

Mainstream media originally reported on a rumor that Greeson died from tazing himself in his testicles repeatedly.

Independent Fact Checkers condemn this as Fake News.

In an exclusive quote given to Tayler Hansen’s Substack, David Snow details his first-hand account on the 6th:

“I arrived at the circle with David Sumrall around 12:45 PM EST. We waited until the initial rush at the front gate with 1,000 or more people already there by the time I went in to get a better look and to get more video. It seemed like a cross between a movie set and a set-up, ‘pathways’.

I came up to the back of the House of Representatives about 60 feet away from where the crowd was advancing.

Then, the impact grenades started going off all around me. I noticed to my right, some unusual movement. A man collapsed and a protester was administering first-aid. I moved closer to the emergency detail to get him help. The man on the ground seemed to be intentionally getting ignored.

I worked my way back down to check on Greeson, I saw some protesters carrying him off to the left, positioning him on the concrete, and continued to attempt resuscitation.”

Video of Greeson receiving compressions taken by firsthand witness, David Snow, a red arrow marks Greeson receiving compressions:

Additionally, we have a second quote from another eyewitness. Lauren Witzke details what she saw at the Capitol:

“Almost immediately, the Capitol Police on the ground started throwing flash grenades into to crowds, teargassing us all.

I moved about 40 feet away from the steps, and just stood there, yet the teargas and flash grenades continued. After being flash bombed and tear-gassed for the third time, I looked down beside me to see that a middle-aged man — Kevin Greeson — on the ground, blue in the face.

My friend Kimberley immediately began CPR and continued until her lips were bleeding. But she couldn’t get him breathing again. Men were yelling “Help we need an EMT, get this man an ambulance,” etc.

We begged the Capitol Police Officers for help, but they ignored us and continued macing old men who got anywhere near them.”

The difficulty in identifying the two Capitol Police victims, Phillips and Greeson, was due to the similarities in their location, the time of the attacks, and the appearance of both gentlemen. Phillips has been positively identified as the man wearing the lighter blue jeans and red bottom shoes with red soles, whereas Greeson was wearing dark blue jeans with a leather belt and brown boots.

Recently submitted footage from the public gave us the last details and a different perspective, and with that, we were able to successfully identify the two separate victims.

Greeson’s death is very similar to what happened with Phillips, but the fact that their deaths were both blamed on heart disease, and not at the grenades fired at them, is preposterous.

The Chief Medical Examiner needs to explain his interpretation of heart disease and be held responsible for the misinformation he helped push. His influence spurred a horrific coverup perpetrated by MSM and the Government.

Both Greeson and Phillips died in the initial grenade barrage. The ensuing mass confusion amongst medical personnel as they only attempted to help Greeson and not Phillips. Even as they attempted to help Greeson, they were extremely late to the scene and the Police continued to bombard the crowd with complete disregard for human life, including the EMT personnel sent to retrieve Greeson’s body.

Notice: Kevin Greeson’s dark blue jeans, leather belt, and brown boots.

See Examples

Death #3 – Rosanne Boyland

Pictured: Rosanne (middle) with family

One of the most tragic stories of a victim is that of Rosanne Boyland. The reports around Boyland’s death always refer to acute amphetamine intoxication — in layman’s terms: a drug overdose. In interviews with Boyland’s family members following her death, they revealed that she had been sober for seven years and that she was very proud of her accomplishment.

Conflicting Media reports place her in two different situations which could not take place at the same time. One report says she was standing off by herself when she collapsed in the rotunda; the other says she was actively engaging with police. One story even says that the crowd did CPR on Boyland until they took her to the Police line.

Quite to the contrary, Boyland was beaten unconscious by an MPD Police woman’s stick. Gary Mcbride with M5 News was the first to identify the officer as Lila Morris. The same Lila Morris hailed as a “hero” to the whole nation just weeks later at Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021. Crazy coincidence, right?

Michael Fanone, Lila Morris, and Daniel Hodges at Super Bowl LV

While Officers sprayed the crowd with chemicals and continued to push protesters on top of each other, the men around Boyland tried to defend her body while others gave her CPR. One man who had tried to resuscitate Boyland was sprayed directly in the face with chemicals.

Metropolitan Police Officer, Lila Morris, is seen brutally beating Boyland repeatedly with what appears to be a wooden walking stick. Morris can be seen swinging from high above her head in a frenzy, with blows like a sledgehammer, expunging any life Boyland may have had left in her body.

See Videos:

DC Police Acting Chief Contee says Morris “fought like hell” on January 6th.

For such a tragic and senseless death, the media added insult to injury by stealing the accomplishments Boyland had made in her addiction recovery process. The family is still fighting to clear her name and restore her reputation.

Pictured: Lila Morris
Pictured: Lila Morris’s Helmet Number
Death #4 – Ashli Babbitt
        Pictured: Aaron and Ashli Babbitt

Ashli Babbitt’s death was the most documented death by law enforcement that occurred on the 6th. My video from that day has been widely circulated as I was one of the only first-hand witnesses that released the video immediately. The January 6th Committee in their negligence has failed to look into the evidence surrounding the last few minutes of Ashli’s life.

A real investigation would uncover the fact that Ashli was actively trying to de-escalate the situation, plead with the police to get reinforcements, and had no intention of being violent or destructive.

In an exclusive quote given to Tayler Hansen’s Substack, Aaron Babbitt details the kind of person Ashli was.

Ashli was caring, compassionate, and always stood up for what was right. She loved meeting new people and learning their stories. She had a thirst for knowledge of all things in life. She loved life and woke up every day ready to enjoy and take on the day ahead.

In the next video, Ashli and I walk past a Sergeant at Arms employee who is walking calmly and looking at his phone.

You can hear me say “How are you doing today, man?”

He replies “Good, how are you?”.

I’m not sure about you, but if I was in the midst of “defending the Capitol from Domestic Terrorists”, as the narrative goes, I would be on high alert and checking every corner, not texting with no awareness of my surroundings.

Ashli can be seen in my video calmly approaching the doors and briefly attempting to converse with officers.

After reviewing and successfully transcribing my video, you can see Ashli getting frustrated with the inaction from Police regarding Zachary Alam and other agitators, you can hear her yelling “call fucking help, we’re allowed to be here.”

After stepping out of the way, officers gave Zachary Alam full access to the glass window pane to the right, which he successfully broke out. This opened the window (literally) for Capitol Police Officer, LT Michael Leroy Byrd to issue the kill shot.

The was no verbal warning from Yetter or Byrd. Yetter appears to have potentially seen Byrd aiming his Glock 22 in the direct line of fire where there were multiple protesters, officers, and the CERT team. Yetter ducked and pushed his fellow officers out of the way moments before Byrd pulled the trigger.

Byrd shot Ashli in the left anterior shoulder killing her.

7 seconds prior to Ashli being shot, you can see her grab Zachary Alam by the backpack. She can be seen pulling him towards her and away from the window he just broke. She then lands a left-handed punch (she was a southpaw) on Zachary Alam’s face knocking his glasses off.

Ashli was actively trying to do the job of law enforcement around her and was shot and killed for it.

Ashli Babbitt punched Zachary Alam in an attempt to prevent him from breaching the window, she was shot approximately 7 seconds afterward.


The now-famous footage of Ashli Babbitt marching towards the Capitol gives the most accurate representation of her mood that day. She confidently walked towards her final destination with a heart full of resolve, hope, and life. Shortly after that video was filmed, her life would be taken by the only bullet fired that day. That shot was irrefutably fired by Capitol Police Lieutenant, Michael Leroy Byrd.

The overwhelmingly negative response from the public over Byrd’s misconduct has many questioning:

“Who is protecting Byrd?” and “How can Byrd afford expensive Establishment Attorney, Mark Schamel after going bankrupt on two different occasions?”

Since killing Ashli Babbitt, Michael Byrd has since profited over $163,000 on GoFundMe. U.S. Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), who sits on the January 6th Committee also donated to Byrd’s campaign, which is a blatant conflict of interest.

In sharp contrast, GoFundMe targets and removes fundraisers from not only the families of those killed on January 6th, but also from the hundreds of January 6th defendants and their families trying to raise legal defense funds and financial support to survive while being politically persecuted and detained.

Death #5 – Officer Brian Sicknick

Pictured: Brian Sicknick

The last death we will cover will enrage not only people on both sides of the political aisle but also law enforcement officers from across the Country. The death of Officer Brian Sicknick was contorted by the Media and the Political Establishment to claim him as their fallen martyr.

When the truth is told, citizens will see that Officer Sicknick is the people’s hero. The controversy and stories surrounding his death and its origins will help more than any other evidence in proving a conspiracy to hide the truth. The Government and their Pravda media outlets used this deception to shift blame for Sicknick’s death onto innocent protesters and to launch an official impeachment proceeding against President Trump.

They know and have always known, the entire spin of Sicknick’s death is a big lie.

Mainstream Media set the pace for Sicknick’s story based on the information the Government told them to use. The original narrative was that Sicknick was bludgeoned to death, and his head caved in. They said that he was violently murdered by a protester with a fire extinguisher, but that is criminally inaccurate.

Look at the following documents to see how the Media and Government play the “shell game” with the American people, and keep changing their story. Notice the times on these emails. It seems as if Media declared Sicknick dead before he passed away around 9:30 PM EST, on January 7th. It is beyond obvious now that Mainstream Media used the 24 hours to craft a sickening narrative to best fit their sinister motives.

The only problem with the Medical Examiner’s statement is that the spray did not play a role in Officer Sicknick’s death. The Coroners report stated there was no physical injury to Sicknick’s body internally or externally. There was no collapsed skull, no gash on his head, no bruising or abrasions, and no evidence that any chemicals such as chemical irritants, played a role in his death.

Now, why would they lie?

Chief Medical Examiner Roger A. Mitchell has a problem, and his name is Dr. Lee Schwamm, a stroke expert at Harvard.

See Dr. Schwamm’s statements here:

The spray is extremely unlikely to have caused Officer Sicknick’s strokes. The most likely explanation, was a terrible coincidence of timing when blood clots that occurred for other reasons arose when he was in a terrifying situation.

From what Schwamm says, the first stroke took place during the “terrifying situation”. The other evidence we reference was from the Medical Examiners office, as they provided a timeline leading up to Sicknicks death. A statement says that Sicknick collapses 7 hours and 40 minutes after he was sprayed. Then he died nearly 24 hours after that.

Our investigation revealed several witnesses from the events surrounding Sicknick.

  • Rod Taylor, wrote in a statement, that he personally took Officer Sicknick to Police in an attempt to get him help because he felt like Sicknick was suffering from a stroke. The interaction between Taylor and Sicknick happened at around 3:00 PM. Remember, Officer Sicknick collapses around 10:00 PM.
  • At approximately 7:30 PM, Chris Alberts, a trained medic, begs police to get Officer Sicknick treatment, as he recognized Sicknick’s condition as being very dire. The Police would not allow Alberts to render medical aid to the distressed officer and told him to mind his own business.

For full witness statements and details regarding Brian Sicknick, redirect to my latest article about his lack of medical treatment:

EXCLUSIVE: First Hand Accounts Allege Officer Brian Sicknick Was Denied Critical Treatment By Police

A few hours after the encounter with Alberts, Sicknick finally collapsed around 10:00 PM as the stroke had already destroyed the parts of his brain that control automated response, meaning he could no longer breathe on his own. Nearly 24 hours later, he died on a ventilator.

This is the part of the story where Chief DC Medical Examiner, Roger A Mitchell and the USCP need to answer some questions.

  • Did he actually know that Officer Sicknick had a stroke at that time?
  • Why did they pinpoint seven hours and forty minutes based on the time he was sprayed, if the spray did not cause the stroke?
  • Why did they not get Sicknick the medical treatment he needed to save his life?
  • Why did they disregard Rod Taylor’s plea for medical help?
  • Why did they disregard Chris Albert’s later plea and offer of medical treatment for Officer Sicknick?
  • Why was the cause and/or manner of death left out when relaying this information to the media?
  • Why wouldn’t you admit that Sicknick died of natural causes, instead of blaming his death on the protesters by leaving it in question?
  • Why did you lie about each individual death that day?

One last question, for Dr. Mitchell: How many times have you wrongly and criminally put forth or withheld information in pivotal cases?

Our Investigation into Chief DC Medical Examiner, Roger A Mitchell, appointed under Mayor Murial Bowser, is only beginning. We are seeing a terribly alarming pattern regarding his power and influence over medical determinations on the cause of death and manner of death. The last 20 years of Mitchell’s work should be thoroughly investigated for any wrongdoing. Mitchell directly influenced the outcome of the Chauvin trial. In another case, Mitchell accused another Medical Examiner of obvious bias, because the case didn’t end the way Mitchell wanted it to.

Over 700 American citizens have been arrested and/or charged. Some are held in the DC Gulag or various prisons around the country. Some are on house arrest, mostly for petty misdemeanor charges.

From our honest assessment, a good portion of what people see as violence was actually justifiable self-defense. The Prisoners being held by our Government are experiencing the most extreme punishment imaginable. Over a year of mostly solitary confinement, not seeing their families a single time, horrible health conditions, and the most extreme forms of racism, not to mention the urine, feces, or chemical taste to the food. Since January 6th, these people and their families have been living a nightmare that doesn’t seem to be coming to a halt anytime soon.

Just when you think the story couldn’t get any worse, it does.

All five bodies of the Americans who lost their life in DC can no longer be examined.


In a bizarre, yet unsurprising twist in this story, all five bodies were cremated. All five of the bodies and the evidence they hold were permanently destroyed. It gives shocking new truth to the saying, “dead men tell no tales“.

In the end, January 6th, 2021 is as Biden or Harris have said, “worse than 9/11 or Pearl Harbor” because this attack comes not from a foreign power, but from within our own country.

This is what June 4th is to China. Our Tiananmen Square.

Special thanks to David Sumrall with StopHate.com and the rest of the team for pooling resources and investigations.

Now that you know the truth, what will you do?

To contribute to individual fundraisers for J6th Prisoners and their families you can visit Stop Hate Department Of Defense.

For calls to action, prayer groups, or the mail project click here.

Click either Congressman or Senator for further information to contact your elected officials.

Below will be two separate links under the agency’s name. You can file official complaints or concerns under the name of the select agency.

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Cowritten: David Sumrall
Edited: Tamara Leigh

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