Hack Reporter Jen Fifield Posts 7,000 Word Hit Piece on AZ Auditor Doug Logan and Doxxes His Family Before Audit Release

Jen Fifield getting schooled by Vernon Jones in June.

The Arizona Republic (TAR) newspaper and their website AZCentral are the most committed to disparaging the historic Arizona Senate audit. As a USA Today affiliate, they are owned by Gannett. GateHouse Media merged with Gannett in 2019, they now represent over 550 newspapers. TAR has dispatched a cabal of 15 journalists and photographers to cover the audit. Their articles are distributed to Yahoo News, MSN, USA Today affiliates, and other GateHouse rags. The negative audit coverage by TAR reporters has been rewarded with appearances on MSNBC, CNN, Rachel Maddow, Nicolle Wallace, etc.

Jen Fifield is the worst of all the audit reporters. Last September the Arizona Republic promoted her to cover elections for the very first time, for Maricopa. The newspaper’s leadership has molded this young lady into a hammer looking for a nail, while absorbing all this paper’s liberal groupthink.

In a recent online “Media Misinformation” meeting, Fifield dismissed election mistakes. “People and the public need to understand every election has glitches”. She gave a pass to the Maricopa election department, which has decades of practice, massive budgets, and full-time staff. She then published anything remotely damaging about the Senate audit. She disregarded the fact it was a new, very complex process, the first in the world.

As shown above in red, Fifield would like to censor facts released by the Senate audit. Using pre-arranged statements from Maricopa County, social media giants could restrict news distribution. Fifield posts as many as 40 tweets a day about the audit, always a negative slant. She’ll ask for help with names, spelling, or praise makeup put on her face by CNN Senior Correspondent Kyung Lah. She became a sycophant of CNN as soon as their Los Angeles team arrived in Phoenix. For months Jen Fifield has attacked the audit process, vendors, volunteers, conservative media, politicians – everything not on the left. She’s encapsulates everything Americans hate about major news organizations.

Fifield went on to post an aerial image of the rural home of CyFIR employee Ben Cotton. Minutes later she posted the name of his small Montana town. Following CNN’s lead, Fifield demanded non-profit financial documents for weeks. Imagine what she’d do with that donor list. Community Editor Carrie Watters is Fifield’s supervisor and clearly supports this radical behavior. Greg Burton is the Executive Editor of the paper and Regional Director for USA Today. Burton’s a well documented and public hater of the audit.

A few months back Senate President Karen Fann pleaded with media to be respectful with images. Fann asked they not DOX audit workers. TAR photographers went on to capture images over 18 different days. Three weeks after Fann’s request Fifield posted a story using a massive slideshow with nearly 200 images. It was published on MSN and elsewhere. They are the faces of floor workers, loading dock staff, officials, visitors, security guards, and outside supporters. CNN used a similar tactic to discourage and intimidate audit workers and potential volunteers. It’s was disgusting.

Some might remember news reporters were banned during the setup of the Coliseum audit. But Fifield registered as a volunteer to sneak in. Shortly after her first break at 10AM, she tweeted that “blue pens” were being used, claimed she was worried audit staff could change ballots. But there were no ballots. The story spread through fake news media for hours. Then at 2:30PM Fifield came clean. She said all pens were switched to red and green before any ballot hit the floor. She never apologized. The Fake News media used her on the talk show circuit to develop this first negative narratives about the audit.

Her reporting always excludes Democrats and Maricopa County from any negative coverage. She questioned the security of election data being reviewed offsite by CyFIR. But she said nothing when the entire election database was leaving the MCTEC tabulation center nightly, on a Dominion employees orange USB drive. She complained about the privacy of voters ballots at the Coliseum audit. But she said nothing when the signatures and phone numbers of nearly 2 million ballot envelopes were scanned at Runbeck Election Services headquarters, with no supervision. The list of her hypocrisy is just to extensive to list.

Fifield recently “spent months investigating Doug Logan”. She partnered with the Florida paper where Mr. Logan’s family lives, the Sarasota Herald Tribune (USA Today). The Detroit Free Press, The Republic, and other reporters joined this effort. As if straight from the Democrat playbook, the story was published this week to discredit the audit results. It’s a whopping 7,000 words. That’s nearly 15 pages of a Word doc. They went to Doug’s home, his small town, talked to friends, locals, took pictures, even posted an image of his PO Box building. Their story mentions Doug’s rural lifestyle, ranch house, country roads, cows, religion, homeschooling, plaid shirts, January 6th insurrection, and so on. They use “prayer” and “Christianity” over a dozen times. These are all attempts to paint  Mr. Logan as religious nutjob. This is truly some despicable sh*t. What horrible people.

Those how truly know Mr. Logan, including his friends, say he is a highly intelligent, honest, family man and very skilled cyber expert. TGP readers know he is an American patriot who has made tremendous sacrifices to help audit our elections. He’s a quiet soul with incredible integrity and faith. We are sure his family and children are proud of him. It’s disgusting that other news outlets also published personal attacks on Mr. Logan this week.

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