GREAT NEWS! Alaska Lt. Gov. Dahlstrom Certifies Application to Rid State of Ranked Choice Voting That Stole Congressional Seat for Democrats

Democrat Rep. Mary Peltola won reelection to a full term in the House after she defeated Sarah Palin in a special election to replace Rep. Don Young in August.

Peltola was the FIRST DEMOCRAT to win the House seat in solid red Alaska in 50 Years!

Ranked-choice voting and mail-in ballots were implemented by referendum in 2020.

The winner was announced in late November. Alaska is a 60-40 Republican state.

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Mitch McConnell endorsed Lisa Murkowski supported the rankend choice voting in the state. In fact, Murkowski endorsed far left Peltola over Sarah Palin.

This is how Democrats steal seats. And Republicans let them. reported:

Alaska Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom has certified an application for a petition that, if successful, would get rid of the state’s ranked choice voting system and non-partisan primary.

Sponsor Art Mathias wants to go back to the traditional election, where a candidate from each officially recognized party has a spot on the general election ballot in each race.

He said the new system forced candidates to hold their tongues, to avoid rankling the supporters of their opponents.

“You got to be nice to them, or they won’t rank you second. They won’t rank you third,” Mathias said. “If you do anything, any disagreement with the other people and their views, they’re not gonna like you and their people aren’t going to rank you second or third. It shuts down all free expression.”

At the same time, Mathias blames the new election system for making Alaska politics meaner.

“It was the primary season that lasted the entire election cycle,” he said. “Just dirty nastiness the entire time. And no honest exchange of ideas.”

Alaska voters adopted the new voting system in 2020 and used it for the first time in 2022.

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