Governor Youngkin Ends Covid-19 Fines and Penalties in Virginia, Wants “Reimbursement Process” For Those Who Paid Unjust Fines

Governor Glenn Youngkin (R) on Tuesday signed an executive order ending Covid-19 fines and penalties in Virginia.

“While we can’t undo the damage done during the Northam administration, we are taking action going forward to end COVID-era draconian overreach,” Youngkin said.

Governor Youngkin also wants a “reimbursement process” for those who paid unjust fines.

WUSA 9 reported:

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Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued an Executive Order Tuesday ending the collection and enforcement of fines and fees placed on individuals and businesses that violated COVID-19 shutdown violations, directing enforcement agencies, boards and commissions to report all fines, fees and suspensions.

While halting all further collections, Youngkin also plans to work with the secretary of finance to work with agencies to develop a reimbursement process for individuals and businesses who paid “unjust COVID-19 fines and fees.”

In a release from the governor’s office, Youngkin said he is requiring a statewide review of the COVID penalties placed during the Northam administration.

“The fact that businesses are still dealing with COVID-19-related penalties and fines is infuriating. Livelihoods are on the line,” Youngkin wrote. “In the previous administration, we saw our government shut down businesses, close our schools, and separate us from each other. While we can’t undo the damage done during the Northam administration, we are taking action going forward to end COVID-era draconian overreach.”

It’s about time Glenn Youngkin take action.

Matt Strickland, an Iraq War veteran, is a business owner and candidate for state senator in Virginia.

Strickland owns Gourmeltz, a restaurant in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

On Friday Virginia state sheriff’s deputies and police entered his establishment and told him they were shutting him down.

Strickland refused to shut down during the pandemic two years ago. He had to feed his family and did not want to lose his business.

On Friday the police were sent in to shut him down.

Matt writes on Twitter, “Help me end this tyranny.”

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