Government Harassment: Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 Committee Calls in OAN’s Christina Bobb and Amistad’s Phil Kline — Will the Tide Turn on These Thugs?

On Tuesday the floundering January 6 Committee announced their latest victims of harassment will include Attorney Cleta Mitchell, OAN’s investigative reporter Christina Bobb, and Phil Kline from the Amistad Project.

Liz Cheney and her gang of thugs called in these conservatives to harass:

• Cleta Mitchell
• Kenneth Chesebro
• Christina Bobb
• Katherine Friess
• Kurt Olsen
• Phillip Kline

Liz tweeted about it yesterday.

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The fraudulent committee may not like what they find out.

One America News reporter Christina Bobb was an attorney for President Trump following the 2020 election. Her work is privileged. Liz and her committee know this. The same goes for Attorney Cleta Mitchell.

Phil Kline is an attorney and in the forefront of investigating the Dominion Voting Machines. Amistad Project is leading the investigation of voter fraud in Wisconsin. And they have it all on video.

Is Liz Cheney ready for this?

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