Good News! Republican Adam Steen Announces His Campaign to Defeat Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos Who Pushed Drop Boxes in the State

Republican Adam Steen is running for a seat in the Wisconsin House.  But this isn’t just any seat.  Steen is running against Wisconsin Speaker Robin Vos.  

Adam Steen is running against Robin Vos in Wisconsin.  He shares the following in his press release.

Adam Steen, a graduate of UW Madison, says his motivation for stepping forward is his two daughters and standing up for future generations. We The People cannot expect any different than the status quo from the current leaders that are entrenched in Madison. It is time to send actual representatives to the Capital to stand up for the rights of We The People.

Here is Adam Steen’s press release:

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Adam Steen 63rd Assembly Release 2.28.22 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Robin Vos is the Speaker of Wisconsin who single-handedly prevented President Trump’s win in Wisconsin in the 2020 Election from coming to fruition.

Vos was behind drop boxes, not only in Wisconsin but across the country.

Vos then did all he could to prevent any real audits or investigations into the ballots or voting machines in his state.  These would have no doubt proven the massive fraud that occurred in the state in the 2020 Election.

It’s time for Vos to go.  He should never be in politics again after his actions to prevent the true winner in the state of Wisconsin, President Trump, from being certified the winner in the 2020 Election.

Adam Steen released an announcement earlier today.

You can support and donate to Adam Steen by going to his website at

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