French Trans Activist Accused of Assaulting a Migrant Lesbian at a Feminist March

A French trans man was accused of physical assault with another migrant lesbian during a feminist gathering on March 8th in France.

Jodie, a migrant lesbian and member of the group Amazon, a group of radical feminist activists very committed against prostitution, was assaulted by a trans activist who is a member of the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA), a French far-left political party and STRASS a Union of sexual workers.

Translation: At a time when we are worried about our sisters [in Ukraine] expected at the borders by pimps, people like @actupparis & @STRASS_Syndicat who campaign FOR pimping, find nothing better to do than to hit the abolitionists.ORWELLIAN.

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Another angle:

Translation: Meet the transactivist woman who physically assaulted one of our members, Jodie, a racialized migrant lesbian, and @pussik_riot from @l_amazone_. This abusive woman is part of the LGBTI commission of @NPA_officiel

The New Anticapitalist Party was with another group called (STRASS) a Union of sexual workers in France that defends the rights of sex workers, mainly prostitutes.

Translation: Super feminist march today in Paris full of beautiful pleasant encounters including @PhilippePoutou that we will soon find for a discussion with @NPA_officiel on the TDS. No feminism, no class struggle, without whores.

Mouvement Dunid France reported:

Translation: On March 8, 2022, during a demonstration to fight for women’s rights, feminist abolitionist activists and survivors of prostitution were attacked in several cities in France. A pattern of intimidation that repeats itself year after year.

In Paris, the facts occurred on the Place de la République. While the procession of the Amazon, a group of radical feminist activists very committed against prostitution, peacefully followed the procession behind Osez le féminisme! and the Collectif féministe contre le rape, they have been violently taken to task by groups of activists pro-ideology of “sex work”.

We see a man who removes his flag from the stick to use it to hit activists. Then, a woman, with glasses (who will be identified later as belonging to the LGBTI commission of the NPA, in particular thanks to a photo where she poses next to Philippe Poutou and Thierry Schaffauser, employee of STRASS), rushes on the Amazons, pushes the man and violently beats a demonstrator. The attacks continue with the aggression of Anissia Docaigne-Makhrof, from Amazone Paris, victim of blows and attempted bites. The assaulted protesters filed a complaint Thursday, March 10. Among them, in addition to the Amazon, an activist from the Lesbian Resistance group.

Anissia explains that she didn’t really realize the violence until the next day. She says: “When she jumped on me (my attacker, Ed), I was trying to prevent a man from hitting Pauline (another direct victim). The pictures show that it’s not me who knocks. It’s crazy to see the violence they have in them to hurt us, the way she tried to bite me was staggering. Fortunately, after a few seconds, people from both sides separated us”.

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