FRENCH HORROR: Man Stuffed into Car Trunk During Terrifying Kidnapping In France (SHOCKING VIDEO)

A disturbing video in France emerged this week showing a poor man being beaten and abducted in broad daylight by four individuals. He was then forced into a car trunk and the attackers jumped into the car and drove off.

A witness captured footage of the kidnapping and sent it to the French media. Here is the video:

Full details of the incident courtesy of

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“A male victim was stuffed into the trunk of a car by a group of suspects during a brutal kidnapping in France this week, according to reports.”

“The horrifying incident unfolded at around 8:45 a.m. on Sunday morning in Villeparisis, a commune in the suburbs of Paris.”

“A young man was beaten and abducted in the street in broad daylight by four suspects, at least one of whom was carrying a gun.”

“Chilling footage of the kidnapping was taken by a witness and shared with French media.”

“The victim can be seen battling his assailants as they kick and punch him while trying to force him into a Renault Clio.”

“One suspect can be seen pointing a shotgun at the victim’s head during the melee.”

“After a vicious beating lasting approximately two minutes, the suspects managed to close the trunk with the victim inside, pile into the car, and speed away.”

This scary incident should help educate people on the serious crime epidemic plaguing France as a whole. France in particular has experienced an increase in gang violence, which could be connected to this event.

Crime in France has become so pronounced in recent years that the nation is now more dangerous than Mexico, according to a global study conducted in September 2022. One example of this surge is in Nantes, which is now more dangerous than the notorious, crime-ridden Bogota, Colombia.

The crime surge in France is connected to uncontrolled immigration. According to French President Emmanuel Macron, over half of Paris’s crime is committed by foreign nationals. One can safely extrapolate that this is a similar story across other French communities.

We do not know at this point whether these individuals are foreign nationals. But the best way to prevent future crimes like this is by deporting illegal aliens and adopting a zero-tolerance approach to crime.

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