FOX News Reporter Benjamin Hall Joins FOX and Friends in First Major Interview Since He Lost One Leg and Both Feet and Was Blinded in One Eye in Russian Attack

Author’s Note: I met Benjamin Hall at the annual Free Iran Conference held in Paris, France in July 2018. He was covering the event for FOX News. Nearly 100,000 supporters attended the annual rally supporting a free and Democratic Iran. After the event news broke that a “Belgian” couple of Iranian heritage was arrested for plotting a terrorist attack at the conference. They were arrested on their way to Paris. A third suspect, a diplomat at Iran’s embassy in Vienna, was later arrested by German Police in connection with the attempted bombing. The Iranian regime was not successful in pulling off their deadly attack.  Benjamin Hall was very approachable and kind. It was a pleasure to meet him.

FOX News reporter Benjamin Hall joined FOX and Friends on Saturday. This was his first major interview since he was severely injured outside of Kiev covering the Russian War on Ukraine back in March 2022.

Hall’s colleagues, cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski and fixer Oleksandra “Sasha” Kuvshynova were killed in the attack.

Benjamin Hall lost a leg, both feet, sight in one eye, and suffered severe damage to one hand. He has been recuperating ever since.

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Earlier this week Benjamin Hall joined FOX and Friends to discuss his treatment and recovery. He was in good spirits.

Benjamin Hall has a new book describing his time as a war reporter.

“SAVED: A War Reporters Mission to Make it Home”


Here is Benjamin on FOX and Friends this week.

Via FOX News.

Fox News foreign correspondent Benjamin Hall urged “Fox & Friends” viewers to “never give up,” as he made an emotional return to live television on Thursday following the horrific attack that left him severely injured while covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I think that when you’ve gone through something like I’ve gone through, the highs, the lows, you have to have a target, you have to get something to fight for. And this is it, trying to get back, trying to speak to you, trying to be on air and trying to tell people the stories, so perhaps it can help them,” Hall said in his first TV appearance since the March 2022 attack.

“I’ve got one leg, I’ve got no feet, I see through one eye, one workable hand. I was burned all over, and I feel strong, I feel more confident than I ever have,” Hall continued.

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