Former Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey Endorses Robert F. Kennedy for President – After Twitter Censored Kennedy During His Reign

Former Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey endorsed Robert F. Kennedy for President on Sunday.

Dorsey posted his endorsement in a tweet – of course.

Dorsey banned Robert F. Kennedy from Twitter while he was running the company.

In May 2021 NPR posted a list from government of the 12 people behind the most vaccine hoaxes. Robert Kennedy, Jr. was included in the list.

Of course, today we know that these individuals were completely correct in their reporting on the vaccine’s ineffectiveness and dangers.

Thanks to Elon Musk we know that the US Government was working with Twitter to target individuals like Robert Kennedy Jr. who spoke out against the dangerous COVID vaccines.

The Missouri and Louisiana lawsuit revealed that the government and Twitter were censoring Robert Kennedy’s tweets.

In late November 2021 Jack Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter in November 2021, months after Twitter had been targeting Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Jack may join Robert Kennedy Jr. on a Twitter Space on Monday at 2 PM.

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