Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to Announce 2024 GOP Presidential Run in the “Coming Days”

Former Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie is expected to announce his bid for the 2024 Republican presidential race “in the coming days,” New York Post reported.

Host of “New Hampshire Today” Chris Ryan broke the news on Thursday, citing multiple sources with direct knowledge.

“Multiple sources with direct knowledge are telling me that Chris Christie will be announcing a run for President in the coming days,” said Ryan. “The campaign will be focused on New Hampshire and will have the financial backing of Mets owner Steve Cohen, among others.”

“Hedge fund founder Anthony Scaramucci, who briefly served in the Trump administration, said Wednesday that he plans to back Christie in the GOP primary and also expects Cohen and other Wall Street execs to bankroll the campaign,” according to New York Post.

An article published in also stated that Chris Christie will run.

“Because America needs Christie to be on the stage, in fighting form, when Republicans hold their first presidential debate in August. He is the only potential contender with the guts to give Trump the thrashing he deserves, and the skill set to get it done. He’s made for this moment,” the outlet reported.

Adding, “To qualify for the debates, Christie needs 1 percent support in the polls, which he has, along with 40,000 individual donations, according to draft rules. So, even if you can’t stand him, get ready to donate $1 as a patriotic duty when the clock starts ticking, after he announces.”

Formerly a Trump fan, Christie has now a staunch critic of former President Trump.

“Donald Trump refused to say tonight that he wanted Ukraine to win the war with Russia. More proof that he continues to be Putin’s puppet,” said Christie following the CNN town hall.

“More nonsense from Donald Trump last night. Fact: He promised to build a big beautiful wall on the border. Fact: He did not deliver & immigrants are pouring over the border. Fact: He said Mexico would pay for it. Fact: We have not gotten one peso yet. He failed us on immigration.”

Here are a few of the famous people who have spoken out about Christie’s presidential bid.

It was also reported that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is set to enter the 2024 White House race next week as he continues to fall further behind President Donald Trump in the race for the Republican nomination.

DeSantis’ entry into the presidential race comes at a time when his poll numbers have completely cratered. The latest GOP primary poll has Trump soaring to a 45-point lead over DeSantis with the rest of the field in single digits.

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