FIREWORKS: Byron Donalds Schools Joy Reid In One-On-One Interview: “That’s Not True” (VIDEO)

GOP Rep. Byron Donalds sparred with MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid during a one-on-one interview on her show “The Reid Out.”

They debated many topics including Democrats being removed from committees, social security, and critical race theory.

Reid attacked Republicans for their plan to kick Dem Reps Swalwell, Ilhan Omar, and Adam Schiff off of their committees – Donalds schooled her on Democrats establishing the precedent.

Partial transcript via Newsbusters:

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JOY REID: I want to start by just talking about, in the previous segment with congressman Swalwell, we were just talking about the changes that are happening in the house under this new leadership. Three people including Congressman Swalwell, Ilhan Omar, and Adam Schiff are being taken off their committees. Those who are being added, Congressman Santos is the one who made up his whole resume, allegedly in New York, Paul Gosar, whose family have said he’s a white supremacist, he attended sort of meetings of white supremacy and got kicked off his committees because he tweeted out an anime depicting him killing AOC, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. And Marjorie Green. They’re getting back on committees. I just wonder what you think of that? Do you think that that is a good look for the Republican Party?

REP. BYRON DONALDS: No, I think going back on committees is what should happen. Look, what we told Democrat leadership when they went down this pathway of removing members from committee is basically saying, you should not do that because if it’s good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. Let’s be very clear, Ilhan Omar has said things that are reprehensible.

REID: Can you name one?

DONALDS: Hold on, let me finish. She has said terrible things about the Jewish community, so much so that resolutions had to go to the House floor about them, and they were watered down. With respect to Eric Swalwell and to the other gentleman, that’s something for Speaker McCarthy to speak to in more detail because he’s going to make those decisions. But we were very clear in the 117th congress. We should not be going down this pathway of saying oh, that member said this, they gotta be kicked off committees.

They also sparred over Social Security becoming insolvent in 2035.

Despite Donalds explaining the situation, Reid continued to say it is not true throughout the segment.


Donalds is right, by 2035 at the latest Social Security is expected to be insolvent.

The Washington Examiner reported:

During a segment with Joy Reid on Tuesday night, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) served some unwelcome facts about the state of the Social Security program.

“My friend Jodey Arrington, who’s going to chair the [House Budget Committee], he wants to look into the budget and also look into entitlements,” the Florida Republican told Reid. “Do you know that Social Security is going to be insolvent in 2035?”

Despite Reid’s repeated protestations that Donalds’s question was “not true,” it is a sad fact that Social Security will reach insolvency by 2035 at the absolute latest. Even with the 20% across-the-board spending cuts that the insolvency will trigger, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that Social Security spending, which already consumes 5% of our national economic output, will amount to 7% of America’s gross domestic product by the end of the century, when benefits will be 35% less than prior to insolvency. According to the CBO’s latest Social Security report, “Social Security’s actuarial deficit over the next 75 years is equal to 1.7 percent of GDP, or 4.9 percent of taxable payroll.”

After continuing to deny the reality of the situation, Reid broke out the “Tea Party” strawman, claiming that the GOP wants to privatize Social Security, something that former President Donald Trump explicitly ran against and that former President George W. Bush dropped within weeks.

Donalds also debated Reid over Critical Race Theory.

Donalds explained why CRT should not be taught to kids K-12 saying “If it seeps down into K-12 education, is it stuff students shouldn’t be prepared to be dealing with? Shouldn’t students just be learning about reading writing and arithmetic?”

Partial Transcript via Newsbusters:

REID: All right, and you have defended and actually have cosponsored two pieces of legislation opposing Critical Race Theory. What is Critical Race Theory in your view?

DONALDS: Critical Race Theory actually comes from critical theory. And essentially what it does at the graduate level, it talks about the implications of racial policies in the past, in American history their impact on society today.

REID: Their impact on laws—

DONALDS: Hold on, the issue with Critical Race Theory if you distill it down to K-12 education is you do not have the ability to have the detailed conversation of Critical Race Theory at the graduate level. And so here’s my question. If it seeps down into K-12 education, is it stuff students shouldn’t be prepared to be dealing with? Shouldn’t students just be learning about reading writing and arithmetic?

REID: And so you don’t believe students should be learning about the racial history of the country? Because Critical Race Theory is not taught in a single K-12 school.


DONALDS: That’s not true.


REID: It’s a legal theory that’s taught in law schools.


REID: You’ll have to come back and continue to conversation. We’re actually literally out of time. They’re telling me we have to go. Critical Race Theory is not taught in our schools and learning about racial history would actually be good for—

DONALDS: It’s your show, I’m going to give you the last word, but we’re gonna do this again.

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