Finally! Suspect Arrested, Charged with First-Degree Murder in Assault Death of 83-Year-Old North Carolina Home Depot Worker


A suspect was arrested for fatally shoving an 83-year-old Home Depot worker.

An elderly Home Depot worker died from his injuries a couple months after he was violently shoved to the ground by a thief.

Gary Rasor, 83, was shoved by a man who was walking out of Hillsborough, North Carolina Home Depot store with three stolen pressure washers on October 18.

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The suspect, identified at Terry McAnthony McMillian, walked away with the stolen merchandise without a care in the world after shoving Gary Rasor to the ground.

The victim’s wife told WNCN that her husband recognized the suspect because he is a known thief.

“He knows the guy is a thief. He’s been there, he’s seen him in the store before,” she said. “And what he told me was that sometimes the guy will buy one or two items so he has a receipt, and then he’ll add more stuff to his cart and flash the receipt.”

McMillian fled in a white Hyundai Sonata, Hillsborough Police said.

Gary Rasor celebrated his 83rd birthday while he was being treated for his injuries but he ultimately passed away on December 1.

Hillsborough Police arrested 26-year-old Terry McAnthony McMillian Jr on Tuesday and charged him with first-degree murder and robbery, ABC 11 reported.

The suspect is being held without bond.

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