FANTASY – Crooked Hillary Lackey Lanny Davis Makes Up Excuse for Classified Emails on Hillary’s Home Server – Ignores Comey’s Statements Listing Her Crimes (VIDEO)

The Hill allowed card-carrying swamp creature Lanny Davis to throw a pile of garbage on the classified document crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden and claim President Trump was worse.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Classified documents were found on Hillary’s home server.  Classified documents were found in Biden’s home, garage and China-backed U Penn Biden Center.  Some of these were top secret.  Additional classified documents have been located in Hunter Biden’s emails.  These were all crimes as these people had no legal right to have in their possession any classified documents.

Attorney Mike Davis who worked for Justice Gorsuch and Senator Chuck Grassley, not the corrupt Clintons, shared that Joe Biden stole the documents held in his possession for years since 2017 or earlier.

“Vice President Biden ABSOLUTELY STOLE Government Documents” – Attorney Mike Davis

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President Trump had every right to have documents in his possession at Mar-a-Lago.  He was the President and the Presidential Records Act provides for the President to take whatever documents he wants with him when he leaves office.  No one can tell him what he can take and what he can’t.  It’s the President’s prerogative.

President Trump was working with the FBI and allowed them on his property in early 2022 to look over the documents he had.  President Trump had the documents locked in cabinets with personal security and secret service personnel onsite.

Many experts believe it was unlawful for the FBI to take these documents from the President.  They raided his house to do them.

The FBI’s actions were unnecessary, unprecedented, and unlawful.

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In an op-ed at the Hill that the Hill should be ashamed of publishing, Lanny Davis, Bill, and Hillary Clinton lackey claimed that Hillary had no classified information on her home server.

Davis compares Biden and Mike Pence to President Trump, ignoring the Presidential Records Act.

…unlike Mr. Biden and Mr. Pence, who immediately notified the Department of Justice and the National Archives when they found the documents and have fully cooperated since, Mr. Trump resisted and forced a federal judge to issue a search warrant to retrieve dozens of conspicuously marked classified documents.

(At least he doesn’t refer to Biden as President here.)

Davis goes on to say the following:

Recently, pro-Trump/MAGA Republicans and even many in the mainstream media have inaccurately reported that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton transferred identifiable classified information in her emails to her private server.

It really doesn’t matter if classified documents are identifiable or not really.  At least the law doesn’t say well if you didn’t know a document was classified then that’s ok to have it laying around.  Does Davis know this?

Davis uses James Comey as his source for making this claim.  This reminds us of the iconic music video that was created using statements from Comey.

Hillary had lots of classified documents in her possession.  Crooked Comey said so but then let her go.

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