EXCLUSIVE: T-Mobile Disregards Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccine Mandate – Will Terminate Unvaccinated Employees

T-mobile, an American wireless network partly owned by German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, sent out an intimidating email to its employees on Friday stating that those who do not become fully vaccinated by April 2 will be terminated from their job.

According to the email obtained by TGP, employees who failed to show proof of first vaccination by February 21 will be placed on unpaid leave. Employees who do not become fully vaccinated and obtain a Magenta Pass will be terminated by April 2.

“Employees who have not yet taken action to receive their first dose and upload proof by February 21 will be placed on unpaid leave. Affected employees who do not become fully vaccinated and obtain a Magenta Pass by April 2 will be separated from T-Mobile. Those employees who have a pending or approved medical or religious accommodation or state-specific exemption through the HR process are excluded from this action for the duration of their pending or approved accommodation or exemption.”

However, mobile experts at T-Mobile stores who are more at risk of getting Covid are not required to get vaccinated.

“In Retail, where we don’t have control of who enters, our Mobile Experts have served customers incredibly well throughout the pandemic. We’ll continue to take precautions like masking and encourage Mobile Experts to be vaccinated, but not require it. We will also be encouraging regular testing.”

Here’s a copy of the email:

The company posted the email in an article on the internal website and they are getting completely roasted by employees. Here are some images of those comments sent to TGP.

“We shouldn’t have to submit for any exemptions.. Medical or Religious reasons. Freedom of choice!!!”

“What happened to follow the science? The science shows the vax does NOT work. You are just as likely to get and spread covid weather vaxd or un vaxd, Hence why the UK, Ireland, and Scotland have all done away with any and all mandates. This is socialism and I can NOT be a part of this for my own sanity, even tho I love my job.”

“From a personal perspective, I am disappointed in a company that prides itself on Diversity & Inclusion, but tells you either get something injected into your body or disclose medical or religious info to them, or be fired. From a legal perspective, it’s a little fuzzy.”

“This is very disappointing news. Even though I got vaxed for personal reasons, I believe in our right to choose what we do to OUR bodies. I stand united with our right to choose.”

Earlier this month, T-Mobile was also under fire after censoring Gateway Pundit’s links on its text service. A TGP reader Randall contacted T-mobile and one of the supervisors claimed that Gateway Pundit is a very restricted site and they’re protecting the users’ information by providing a safe service.

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