EXCLUSIVE: Mask Mandates Back in Effect on USAF and US Army Bases

Source: U.S. Army Fort Huachuca

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has mandated that all fully vaccinated DoD workers to wear masks again, allegedly due to the high COVID-19 transmission rate on Thanksgiving.

It can be recalled that the US government agencies, including U.S. Defense and Justice departments, lifted their mask policy earlier this year.

But beginning on Wednesday, November 30th, all Department of Defense personnel, service members, DOD civilians, contractors, military trainees, family members, and visitors to the installation will be required to wear a mask again when in any building on the installation.

“So I’m stationed on Davis, Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, and I was notified that we will be expected to wear masks on base effective tomorrow,” according to our source, who does not wish to reveal his identity. “Fort Huachuca army base implemented mask mandates yesterday.”

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He continued, “100% of the military force has been vaccinated against our will, but yet we still are required to wear masks. Go figure.”

“Fauci was deposed and said there wasn’t a single study to show masks were effective… 100% of the military was vaccinated without our ability to opt-out. Masks aren’t effective and probably do more harm than good.

“I won’t be wearing mine, but I have my own office that I can lock and “hide” in – young airmen will be forced to comply. I won’t use commissary/bx/or MWR facilities out of protest,” he concluded.

TGP obtained a copy of the guidance from Davis Monthan AFB that was sent thru email. Read below:

Following the Thanksgiving holiday, PIMA County increased their COVID-19 transmission rate to High.

BLUF – Based upon that change, and the current DOD Health Protection Guidance (attached) para 5.3, indoor mask-wear is now required for all DoD personnel (Service members, DoD civilian employees, and onsite DoD contractor personnel) at DMAFB. ***Based on the late notice, most personnel will not have access to masks.  Do NOT impact mission accomplishment (ie. do NOT stop work or send anyone home), but allow your teams to work today and procure a mask prior to arriving for duty tomorrow/1 December

We are NOT changing the HPCON level at Davis-Monthan, which means there are no other restrictions or changes (ie. no limits to gatherings) at this time.

Two weeks from now, 13 December, we will re-examine the transmission rate within Pima County and determine if an HPCON change is required.

Please check below my signature block for exceptions to the mask wear policy.

Thank you for your efforts to protect each other and our ability to FIGHT!

Below is the guidance from U.S. Army Fort Huachuca:

Effective 0001 Saturday morning Dec. 3, Fort Huachuca will be at Health Protection Condition Bravo until further notice.

Beginning 0001 Wednesday morning Nov. 30, all personnel including Service members, DOD Civilians, Contractors, military trainees, Family members and installation visitors will wear a mask in all buildings on the installation, including Raymond W. Bliss Army Health Center, the Commissary and all Army & Air Force Exchange locations.

In workspaces that facilitate social distancing (i.e. personal offices, spaced-out cubicles etc.), personnel may remove their mask once they arrive at their workspace but will mask when others enter IF they cannot socially distance themselves a minimum of six feet apart. Individuals who work in an area where they can socially distance are not required to wear a mask while at their desk.

Staff working at and children/students attending New Beginnings Child Development Center, School-Age Center and Fort Huachuca Accommodation Schools are not required to wear a mask while in those facilities.Fitness center patrons may continue to utilize Barnes Field House and Eifler Fitness Center and may remove their mask while actively exercising. Patrons who are not actively exercising (i.e. waiting in the lobby, stretching, using the changing room etc.) will wear a mask.

Indoor meetings and/or events with 50 or more people in attendance will require an advance exception to policy from the Under Secretary of the Army.

Fort officials also recommend personnel wear masks when frequenting off-post establishments.

Teleworking may be implemented on a case-by-case basis as determined by 06/COL level commanders and directors.

Fort Huachuca leadership implemented the change to HPCON Bravo after seeing COVID-19 cases sharply increasing across the state of Arizona. Over the past seven days, the rate of positivity has increased by 25% state-wide and several counties, including Cochise County, are now categorized at a HIGH risk of transmission.

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