EXCLUSIVE: Many Ignored Crimes Committed by Members of the Patriot Front Provide More Evidence It is a Government Sponsored Group

The US government-sponsored Patriot Front has committed numerous crimes but is given a pass.  This is more evidence that this group is backed by the US government. 

Yesterday we provided evidence for the Patriot Front group being a government-sponsored domestic terrorist group.  We even identified a couple of individuals in the group.

EXCLUSIVE: More on the Government-Sponsored ‘Patriot Front’ Showing More Government Ties

Today we have evidence that the group is committing crimes but the government is giving them a pass.  This is more evidence that the group is connected to the US government.  

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1 One item that connects the group to the US government is related to the equipment that they use to communicate with.  The group is using Bao Feng devices which are used with 2-way radios.   In order to use these devices, the group members must have technical licenses which are required for use.  The fine for using these devices without a license is not cheap (approximately $20k).  The Patriot Front uses these devices.  The fact that the members of the Patriot Front have not been arrested for using the devices tells us that the US government is involved.

2 A second item that indicates the Patriot Front is a government-sponsored group is that the group after finishing their first notable protest gathered in UHaul trucks and drove away with members in the back.  This is illegal and very suspicious that they did not get pulled over.

3 A third reason is that the group members were able to drive away after covering their license plates after their get-together in Chicago.

4 A fourth reason the group is connected to the government is that members of the group are apparently building their own firearms and have not been arrested for doing so.  In one picture we provided in a recent article you can see that the group is using 3D printers to build guns minus serial numbers.

5 A fifth reason that the group is connected to the government is based on the fact that we’ve identified individuals in the group who are confirmed government informants.  Kenneth Zrallack Jr is a government informant with the group.  This usually happens when the individual gets in trouble with the law and the government works out a deal to give them less time and in return, they help the government by infiltrating these groups.

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