EXCLUSIVE: Group That Protested CDC in Support of Nicki Minaj Invites Trump Supporters to Join Them for Demonstration This Friday at CDC Headquarters – Says CDC Employees “Threw Things At Them”

The group that protested in support of Nicki Minaj and against Dr. Anthony Fauci is planning another demonstration outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Headquarters in Atlanta this Friday — and hopes Trump supporters will join them.

The ‘Fraud Fauci Friday’ protest will be taking place this Friday from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. — and every week until what they hope to be their biggest on November 22.

The protest was set up by the anti-capitalist Black Hammer Organization’s Commander-in-Chief Gazi Kodozo, who spoke to the Gateway Pundit about how they hope to put political differences aside to fight together against vaccine mandates.

Kodozo told the Gateway Pundit that “this is such a human issue that we can’t let things that used to separate us continue to separate us. A real core value of our humanity is literally being ripped from us — the ability to say what goes inside of our bodies.”

“If we do not make that choice that this administration tells us to make, we are no longer capable of working,” Kodozo continued. He said that he is willing to stand with “anyone who is willing to go side by side with me to fight for that core value.”


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According to Kodozo, while he is a fan of Nicki Minaj’s music, their reason for protesting was because they believed in what she was saying. He said that the iconic performer was aware of the protest and that she was “liking” tweets from other people about it.

“She did catch wind of what we are doing, she liked a few tweets,” Kodozo said. He said that there is a lot of pressure on her, and that the liberal media has been trying to create scandals surrounding her because of her refusal to bow down and play ball.

Kodozo said that the way the people attacked Minaj for agreeing with Tucker Carlson is part of an effort from the liberal media to make people “subscribe to this belief that the right is totally evil Nazis — people that you can’t talk to, agree with, or be around. It’s just a really vile place they have created.”

What happened to Minaj really resonated with Kodozo because he, like Minaj, had been censored on social media for posting a story about a relative who had an adverse reaction to the vaccine. He said his posts were deleted and he was placed in Facebook jail for daring to discuss it and ask questions.

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“I had made a post asking for prayers for my aunt who was having side effects from the vaccine. It was taken down,” he explained. “Even on Instagram, I couldn’t go live for a week. I can’t voice my opinion online, so where else do I do it, other than outside the CDC’s gates?”

The highly animated and charismatic organization leader continued on to say that “I’ve had these liberals, these leftists, and Communists who talk about the ‘rights of the worker’ literally threatening me saying ‘how dare you protest with Trumpers, how dare you protest with them and not with us,’ but they are pushing the vaccine.”

All these Socialist organizations, all of them, are pushing the vaccine. I mean, they were even pushing it back in the day when only old people could take it,” he explained. “They are telling me that it’s okay for Joe Biden to say that my people can’t work if we do not take this vaccine. If you can’t agree with me that my people have the right to decide what goes into their body, and that if they make a choice you disagree with, that they still have a right to earn money and be able to eat — if you can’t agree with me on that, there’s nothing else for me to talk to you about. I don’t care about Marx. I don’t care about your hammer and sickle. You don’t want me to have a right not to have an injection into my body?

“Even with all the politics that I believe in, like anti-colonialism and the white power system, I do not agree with white people not being able to feed their children. I don’t want that type of world. If you say you’re a freedom fighter, how much more to the base of freedom can you get than this issue?” Kodozo continued.

Kodozo said that when they were outside the CDC they were praying and singing with their signs — not being aggressive or causing any trouble — but that employees from the agency were being highly confrontational and disrespectful towards them. Some, Kodozo says, were even throwing things at them from their luxury vehicles.

“The people that work at the CDC started flicking us off and started trying to get out of their cars to attack us,” he said. “Homeland Security came and they were protecting us from the CDC employees! It was wild.”

Kodozo said that the Homeland Security agents had to tell CDC employees that the protesters were not doing anything wrong or breaking any laws. The diverse group who had gathered included a Trump-supporting nurse and a scientist, he said, but the media did not report on that aspect of it.

“I was there asking questions. We have done nothing but be their slaves for 18 months. We have had to do whatever they said for 18 months and nothing has changed — but they’re surprised we’re there? You’re surprised people are upset with you?” Kodozo said of the CDC employees that were angered by the protesters’ presence.

The organizer said that while his group wears masks, he does not understand why people get mad at those who choose not to. He pointed out that Dr. Fauci had originally said that masks do not work, but keeps changing his story.

“Fauci never went back and said, ‘you know what? I was wrong.’ If Fauci had to go on TV and tell everyone each time he was wrong, he wouldn’t be ‘America’s Doctor’ anymore,” Kodozo said.

Kodozo asserted that these days, it seems like the unelected Dr. Fauci is the one who is actually running this country and calling all the shots. He also noted that the doctor had originally claimed that there would not be any kind of vaccine mandate placed upon the American people, which was obviously untrue.

“Ever since Joe Biden has been ‘the president’ he has been a puppet for whatever Fauci says. Dr. Fauci is the freaking president. I don’t know what Kamala is doing, every time you ask her a question she’s just giggling,” Kodozo said, adding that every issue she tries to fix she just seems to make it worse.

When asked if there was anything else Kodozo would like to say to Gateway Pundit readers, he urged people to “keep asking questions.”

“Do not let this propaganda machine tear you away from your core values,” Kodozo said.

** For more information about the protest, you can join their March on the CDC Facebook group.

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