EXCLUSIVE: Florida’s Lee County Republican Executive Committee Passes Motion to Return to Paper Ballots

Florida’s Lee County Republican Executive Committee (LCREC)voted last night to pass a motion to get rid of  voting machines in the county and replace the entire process with paper ballots. 

This was a monumental vote coming out of Lee County because this same group has been instrumental in pushing for the removal of the ERIC voter roll system in the state of Florida, which recently occurred.

Lee County REC passed the Resolution for Election Vote Accuracy last night with more than 90% approval.

Resolved, the LCREC calls upon the FL Legislature, the SOS and the Governor of FL to abide by FL Law and the Will of the Public to use their authority to prohibit the use of Electronic Voting Machines in the State of Florida. We urge instead the use of paper ballots and manual counting systems to comply with the Voter’s Bill of Rights as provided for in FL Statue 101.031(2) to ensure his or her vote is accurately counted.

Below is the resolution presented to the Committee.   Note that the resolution states, in part:

Whereas, The Electronic Voting Machines used in Florida are optical ballot scanners and vote tabulators that scan the paper ballot, creating an image. That image is created into a vote by the programmed software within the machine. The Voter as well as Florida Department of State do not have access to the programmed software and therefore cannot verify the accuracy of the votes;

Whereas, The Manufacturers of the Electronic Voting Machines refuse to provide access to allow the public to forensically investigate its software, machines, modems, and systems, to determine whether its election equipment is secure, has been hacked, or has malware installed. Therefore, the voter cannot verify the accuracy of their vote;

Whereas, This lack of transparency by electronic voting machine companies has created a “black box” system of voting which lack trust, credibility and integrity;

Here is the three-page motion:

Resolution 2-23 for Election Integrity Submitted for March 212023 Meeting for Membership Approval by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Here is a portion of the Florida law related to elections that states that each voter has the right to have his vote counted.  Based on the motion above there is evidence that votes weren’t counted properly in the 2020 election in Florida.

The Florida Election Code Chapter101Florida Statutes October 2020 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Let’s hope that this is the first of many actions to return Florida and the rest of the United States back to paper ballots to ensure free and fair elections going forward (similar to the elections performed in multiple European countries.)

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