Everyone is Sick of Joe! Woman’s Reaction After Joe Biden Gives Her The Medal of Valor Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Everyone is sick of Joe Biden!

Biden on Tuesday honored 9 Medal of Valor recipients at the White House.

Joe Biden awarded 9 recipients, including posthumously to two police officers who died in the line of duty while protecting civilians.

“There’s no greater responsibility of government than assure the safety of the American people and those who serve and protect us all. We’re incredibly proud of all of you. And I mean that, incredibly proud, all of you. And we’re going to have your back as long as we need to. As long as you’re engaged,” Biden said.

The mother of NYPD officer Wilbert Mora, who was killed in the line of duty along with his partner in January 2022, was not impressed by Joe Biden.

The mother, Gabina Mora, received the award on behalf of her deceased son.

Her reaction to Joe Biden went viral!


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