Elon Musk Points Out Joe Biden’s Mistake — Says Republicans Need Less Divisive Candidate in 2024

Elon Musk weighed in on Trump again on Thursday.

The soon-to-be new Twitter owner tweeted out that President Trump should be reinstated on Twitter.

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Trump has already said he will be moving to Truth social media to post his comments.

Then Musk pointed out that Joe Biden’s big mistake was thinking he was elected to transform the country. He added that Americans just wanted relief from the Trump drama.

This is an interesting take. As intelligent as Elon Musk is he has never analyzed the numbers from the 2020 election or he woul understand what really happened. He also should take 90 minutes and watch “2000 Mules” for more proof on the 2020 stolen election.

And it is interesting that Elon Musk obviously fell for the bullsh*t that it was President Trump who created all of the drama during his time in office. Trump improved everyone’s life all while enduring attempted coups, a completely dishonest and blaring media, and completely corrupt government intelligence agencies.

That was hardly President Trump’s fault. And it is foolish for Americans and Republicans to pretend the fake news media will be any different to the next Republican president. That’s just crazy.

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