Dr. Oz Joins Rose Unplugged With Surprise Guest Ted Nugent (AUDIO)

Dr. Oz recently joined Rose Unplugged with surprise guest Ted Nugent.

Ted Nugent endorsed Dr. Oz.

“It was like a colonoscopy without anesthesia” Dr. Oz said of Ted Nugent’s stringent process to determine whether or not Oz would receive his endorsement.

Dr. Oz sys he believes life begins at conception.

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Dr. Oz closes for those undecided:

  • I’m a life, liberty and freedom of pursuit person
  • Life starts at conception
  • Protect the kids in school
  • Educate them for the work force
  • Nurture them through their lives by keeping them safe on the streets and protecting the border
  • Make sure when they retire, they are taken care of well
  • Liberty to me is about the first and second amendment
  • But also, about the freedom to pursue my passion my dreams
  • Pursuit of happiness is also about faith, and being the best we can be


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