Dr. Jerome Corsi Joins Tony Shaffer to Discuss Exposing Disinformation from Those Behind the Climate Change Agenda

Dr. Jerome Corsi was interviewed by Tony Shaffer with the London Center where they discussed the insanity of Climate Change as pushed by the radical left. 

Dr. Jerome Corsi was harassed by the Mueller gang after the 2016 election.  This gang of corrupt Deep State actors attempted to get Corsi to lie.  He said he wouldn’t and he stuck to it.  Dr. Corsi refused a plea agreement, and the Mueller prosecutors declined prosecution.

Jerome Corsi: “I’ll Die in Jail. I Will Not Swear Before a Judge to a Lie” (VIDEO)

This week Dr. Corsi discussed the climate change hoax with former U.S. Army Reserve lieutenant colonel Tony Shaffer.  In particular, they discussed Corsi’s book about the climate change fiasco.

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In the discussion below, Corsi discusses how the Marxists jumped onto the climate change train and used it to blame capitalism for global warming.  Dr. Corsi shares:

I point out how this is a Marxist ideology aimed at eliminating capitalism as a transformative method to get us into a socialist or communist state. That’s where the AOCs the Gretas and all these other characters latch onto this as a political ideology.

In the second part of his book, Corsi discusses the science behind climate change.  He discusses the history of the earth and how carbon dioxide is a very tiny part of the earth’s atmosphere.

Dr. Corsi’s book “The Truth About Energy, Global Warming and Climate Change” can be purchased at Amazon here.

Below is Dr. Corsi’s interview with Tony Shaffer from the London Center.

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