DEVELOPING: Shooting Incident at North Star Mall Leaves One Dead, Suspects at Large (VIDEO)

A shooting incident unfolded within the confines of a barber shop at North Star Mall in San Antonio, Texas, FOX 3 reported.

The shooting incident took place within the bustling environment of the popular mall. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots, prompting immediate panic and chaos among shoppers.


According to authorities, this was not an active shooter situation but rather an isolated incident. One man was killed in a targeted attack while getting a haircut. Two suspects are on the run.

“A shooting incident took place in a barber shop at North Star Mall, resulting in the death of one individual. The incident appears to be isolated, with no known connection to other events. Two suspects involved in the shooting are currently evading authorities, and there is no available description of them at this time. As a result, the mall has been closed for investigation purposes,” FOX 3 reported.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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