DEMONS IN OUR MIDST: Biden Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy CHEERS the News that “Fossil Fuels Are Losing Jobs” As Gas Floats near $5 a Gallon

Gas prices continue to hover near $5 a gallon in the US today.

These prices are absolutely CRUSHING the working class in America.

Since Joe Biden entered the White House gas prices have more than doubled in the US. Energy prices are up across the board.

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The Biden regime sees this as good news. They are pleased that Americans are suffering. They want to buy Chinese windmills.

Biden’s climate advisor Gina McCarthy cheered the news that fossil fuel workers are losing their jobs.
These demons!

Gina McCarthy: We have opportunities now to transfer to clean energy in a way that grows thousands of jobs. We just had a recent report that is showing that all of the energy and the employment stats from last year. Clean energy is winning. Fossil fuels losing jobs.

Gina McCarthy won’t tell you that wind power provides only 9% of our electricity needs.

Democrats won’t tell you this. They would rather have blackouts than use fossil fuels to cool your home.

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