Democrats NEED a War with Russia to Survive — It Will Cause MILLIONS of Deaths But They Are Evil Enough to Do it

War is deceit and chaos and death.  It is about to get much worse if Democrats can help it.

Democrats are in a panic.

The US border is wide open. Over 2 million illegals have flooded the US Southern border in a year. More will cross the open border this year.

Inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years thanks to Joe Biden.

Inflation is only going up.

Nobody buys their lies anymore.

COVID pandemic numbers are at 2020 levels.

The vaccines didn’t work.

Gas is at its highest price EVER.  It’s going higher every day.

US foreign policy is an embarrassment.

Every Democrat policy is meant to destroy the middle class and Americans see through it.

They cut off gas and oil production and would rather buy from Iran and Venezuela than Texas and North Dakota.

It’s pretty clear. Democrats have no options to survive the midterms except one.  WAR.

The Biden White House, fake news media, Big Tech and Democrats are doing all they can to start a US war against a nuclear power.

The White House is holding Zoom calls with dozens of top Tick Tok influencers to spread Ukraine propaganda.

Joe Biden is bragging publicly about blowing up the Russian stock market.

The Biden regime is working with Big Tech to silence Russian media or unapproved anti-Ukrainian reports.

Big tech is censoring anyone who reports on unapproved reports like the US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine.

Liberal Facebook is allowing calls for violence against Russians.

Senators like Mitt Romney called for MiG attacks on Russians.

RINO Lindsey Graham wants Putin assassinated.

Democrats need a deadly war to survive.  They know this.  Millions will likely die.  But Democrats are evil enough to pull this off.

This is a frightening development.

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