DC Boom Mystery Deepens: Reports Jets Scrambled for Plane Headed to Nation’s Capital; Plane Later Crashed in Rural Virginia

A loud explosion caused panic in the Washington, D.C. area Sunday afternoon. Flight trackers posted images of a private plane on the east coast that over-flew its destination, turned back and headed toward Washington, D.C. That reportedly prompted jets to be scrambled from to intercept the plane. Tracking shows the plane flew over D.C. and crashed in rural Virginia near Staunton.

“Cessna C560 jet flew right over Washington DC before contact was lost near Montebello, VA. Reports of a sonic boom were heard in the DC area, one could presume jets were scrambled to get eyes on the situatio”

Annapolis, Maryland officials confirmed a sonic boom took place Sunday afternoon, explaining it was an authorized DOD flight, “The loud boom that was heard across the DMV area was caused by an authorized DOD flight. This flight caused a sonic boom. That is all the information available at this time.”

It appears officials chose to let the plane fly over D.C. without alerting the public and without shooting it down, even with Joe Biden reportedly staying in D.C. this weekend.

Initial reports blamed the sonic boom on an Air National Guard exercise over Chesapeake Bay.

Home door video captured the sonic boom.


Biden’s published schedule showed no travel this weekend.

UPDATE: FAA statement confirms crash.

Northern Command working on a statement:

Video of alleged track of plane.

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