Cyborg Fetterman Malfunctions During Rally – Hits Glitch on Roe v. Wade – Stuck in Repeat Mode (VIDEO)

Cyborg John Fetterman is out delivering his closing argument this weekend in Pennsylvania.

The Democrat nominee, who suffered a serious stroke a few months back, is attempting to persuade Democrats that he is able to serve in the US Senate.It’s a hard sell.

First of all, he never really worked and lived in his parents until he was over 40. And now he cannot form coherent sentences.

But Democrats don’t care. They’d vote for a turnip if they had to. Just look at Joe Biden.

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Fetterman was not able to follow his closed captioning on Saturday and went off script.

During the rally, he glitched out on his big Roe v. Wade line.

John Fetterman: “I run on Roe v. Wade. I celebrates the demise of Roe v. Wade.”

Via Midnight Rider.

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