Conservative Daily Interviews David and Erin Clements and Joe Hoft on the SOROS-BACKED NM SOS LYING AND HUGE ISSUES IDENTIFIED IN ELECTION SYSTEMS (VIDEO)

The Conservative Daily held a discussion on the illegal acts that took place in the 2020 Election that are only now being uncovered.  

Joe Oltman at Conservative Daily invited on his show David and Erin Clements and Joe Hoft from TGP.  This important discussion involved recently uncovered issues with BPro-Knowink systems used across the country.

David and Erin Clements and their team of election experts in New Mexico uncovered the BPro system in place in New Mexico’s elections.  This system was used alongside the Dominion election software and resulted in the SoS seeing election results and passing the results back to the counties to certify.  This process goes against New Mexico state law because election results are supposed to be certified by the local counties and forwarded to the SoS.

This system is used around the country.

EXCLUSIVE: ELECTION SYSTEM DISCOVERED – Used in MULTIPLE States – Internet Connected, Uncertified, and Accessible to Numerous Govt Agencies and Outside Entities

During the interview below, David shared:

This is the missing link… this might be one of the most important podcasts that we’ve done…

There’s an illegal software that is used basically as a buffer between Dominion Voting Systems and gives certralized operational control of every aspect of our elections.

Erin mentioned that it all came together in 2022 when they observed the New Mexico state results being pushed down to the local counties from the SoS office.

Now we know that the election software can backdate records and it has the ability to have “plugins” attached to it that can alter votes in elections.

EXCLUSIVE: BPro’s TotalVote Used in Multiple States in the US, Allows the Installation of “Plug-Ins” that Can Be Used to Manipulate Election Data

Watch this important interview below:

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