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Chuck Schumer Unveils Legislation to Make Voter Fraud Legal in the US (VIDEO)

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer introduced a sweeping voter rights bill that will make voter fraud the law of the land.

The legislation amounts to a federal takeover of the elections – a dream for Democrats despite clear language in the US Constitution that clearly puts this responsibility in the state’s hands.

The law wiil provide same-day registration that makes it easier for Democrats to cheat. The law also expands mail-in voting that allows Democrats further opportunities to cheat. And the bill allows felons the right to vote. The bill also allows a “workaround” on voter ID so anyone who walks into a polling center will be able to vote. It is the Democrat dream. Of course, ballot boxes and ballot harvesting will also be allowed. Democrats count on these tactics to steal 5-20 seats in an election. In 2018 Democrats stole 7 California seats through ballot harvesting alone.

Remember: If they can’t cheat, they can’t win.

As is typical the GOP is completely silent today as Democrats push this move to corrupt our election system.
Republicans are not up for this fight. They have failed their constituents once again.

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