Captured Russian Soldier Phone Text Messages

Unconfirmed: But this image was shared by a Ukrainian on Reddit, Supposedly the phone of a Terminated Russian Soldier

From Google translate. Excuse errors.

Lash, why are you not answering for so long, are you sure you are on exercises?


Mom, I’m no longer in the Crimea, not at the EXERCISE


And where??? Dad asks if you can send a package


What kind of package moms. I’m just upside down now I want 14:38

What are you talking about? What happened?


Mom, I’m in Ukraine. There is a real war here. I’m scared, we fuck on everyone, even on peaceful ones. For everything in a row. We were told that they would greet us, but they threw themselves under our vehicles and did not let us pass. They call us fascists. Mom is very hard for me

Another Person Translated it as this

Lesha, why are you long on the training.

Mom, I’m not in Crimea any more, neither participating in training.

So, where are you???? Can Father send you a package?

What package??? Mom, I’m going mental here.

What are you talking about? What happened?

Mom, I’m in Ukraine. This is real world. I’m scared. We’re firing at everything that moves and even civilians got shot. They said that we will be welcome here but they are trying to stop us. Calling us fascist. Mom, it’s very hard

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