CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: The Liberal Ladies of The View Send in White Crew Member to Shut Down Tim Scott During their Discussion on Race – With Video

This is what racism looks like.The ladies of The View sent in their white crew member on Monday to shut down black Republican Senator Tim Scott.

Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott joined the jackals of ‘The View’ on Monday.

It was a set-up. It’s ALWAYS a set-up.

The ladies attacked Scott, the son of a single mother in the South, for his positive message on race.

Sunny Hostin began asking Scott a question, to which he turned to Hostin to look at her directly — which resulted in him turning his back on Goldberg, Sara Haines, and Ana Navarro.

“That was me talking to you, so I’d love that, shall I come next to her?” Goldberg said as she left her chair to sit next to Hostin. “Your back looks pretty damn good from here,” Navarro said to Scott.

As Scott proceeded to talk, Goldberg apparently had issues diverting the show to commercial, requesting help from the show’s staff.

That’s when the white guy came in to shut down Tim Scott.

Some things never change on the Democrat plantation.

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