CA Doctor Denies Medical Service to 80-Year-Old Mother with Underlying Condition Because of No Jab

California – An 80-year-old mother with an underlying condition was denied medical service from her primary doctor at The Heart and Health Center and was told to find a new one because she is unvaccinated. She has heart issues, diabetes, and she thinks the clinical trial vaccine is not safe.

Her son told the Gateway Pundit that he is very upset with the doctor’s decision. He believes this decision is not based on medical science anymore.

My 80-year-old mother was denied medical service from her primary doctor because she is not vaccinated (she has heart issues/diabetes and does not feel the jab is safe). She was told this over the phone by the front desk clerk. She never received any written or verbal communications from the doctor’s office for this new policy. Now she is forced to find a new doctor, this situation has caused her undue stress and aggravation, in fact, made her ill.

The Doctor’s name is Daniel E. Andrews, Napa CA.

As her son, I’m very upset of this situation. The Doctor did not have the professional courtesy nor integrity to contact his patient about his decision….it’s not based on medical science as far as I’m concerned. It leaves me dumbfounded about the direction that the medical profession is going.

His mother called again to make an appointment but was denied for the same reason.

This denial to see the doctor was particularly difficult for her because she wanted the doctor to diagnose a heart issue she is having.

The Gateway Pundit called the front desk on Thursday and confirmed the report. Dr. Daniels will not see any patients, including sickly 80-year-old women, if they have not been vaccinated for the coronavirus. This is the current policy.

A similar incident happened in South Miami where a doctor said that she will not treat patients in-person who have not received the COVID jab.

What is happening to our medical profession? As far as we know, that’s not how the Hippocratic oath works.

via The Gateway Pundit.

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