BREAKING – Steve Chucri AUDIO: Chucri Was BULLIED OUT OF AUDIT PT.1 – “I’ll Tell You What I Question This.” – Colonel Waldron – “I Like Him A Lot, He’s a Great Guy, I Really Like Him”

The Gateway Pundit has received groundbreaking audio recordings of Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri which reveal how he truly feels about his colleagues, who have fought the Arizona Senate audit from the beginning.

The audio recordings were obtained by Shelby Busch and Steve Robinson, the founders of WeThePeopleAZAlliance

The Gateway Pundit reported that Chucri admitted there was ballot harvesting and dead voters. He also admitted that the audit performed by the County was “bullsh*t” and Supervisor Clint Hickman lied to stonewall an audit.

Chucri has resigned in utter embarrassment after being exposed, saying that the election was not stolen and Joe Biden won.

BREAKING: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri RESIGNS From Office After TGP Exposé : “There Was No Cover-Up, The Election Was Not Stolen. Biden Won.”

He does not really believe this, otherwise, he wouldn’t have said what he did behind closed doors.

The truth is, as you have heard and will continue to hear, Steve Chucri 100% thinks that fraud occurred but he was stonewalled by his colleagues who have “the backbone of a plastic fork” and may have lost their race.

He says that he’s “persona non grata” with his colleagues and that his vote against fighting the Senate cost him the Vice Chairmanship of the Board.

Now, because he does indeed want to remain in politics, and even run for Governor someday, he is playing into their hand by continuing this charade so that he doesn’t lose his career.

Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman broke the silence on a Phoenix radio station yesterday almost brushing this debacle off as no big deal, saying that, they’re friends, they’ll get over it.

Yesterday The Gateway Pundit released 13 minutes of Chucri ripping Clint Hickman, calling him a liar, an asshole, accusing him of crying, and more.

BREAKING – LEAKED AUDIO: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri Admits: “I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH DOMINION” – And County Recorder Stephen Richer AGREES!

Chucri said these comments were made during a “turbulent time” but he did not deny anything that he said. 

The following audio from a January phone call shows that Chucri was in favor of cooperation with the Arizona Senate but this cost him politically.

Chucri also says that Colonel Phil Waldron, who the left and Maricopa County have attacked with rage, is a “really good guy”

Chucri: We are going to work with Senator Fann and others and it’s not just going to be us, and the more you can give them ideas as well, this is going to be a joint effort. I’m embarrassed to say that my colleagues were challenging the legislature on these subpoenas. I mean to fight fellow republicans on an audit? That’s why I voted against them. But if we can do this in a joint venture and talk to Warren Peterson and Karen Fann and say were demanding this because I don’t know how tough my colleagues will be on making sure we have certain things looked into. And I wanna make sure we have a lot of things looked into. This cant just be window dressing, this has to be a real audit.

I am Persona non Grata right now with my colleagues. I was passed over. I was supposed to be Vice-Chairman. They chose Mr. Gates because of my opposition to this. They’re not saying that’s why. They’re just saying they thought I was really busy and I couldn’t do both, which is horsesh*t. So you have to remember there are a lot of politics at play.

My effort would be to have us do it jointly because that way, I think we can have more done. Because remember I want a laundry list of things done. My colleagues might say were only doing A-B when I want A-F. So I think by doing it in a joint effort with the legislature, we’ll have a better audit.

I’ve never been this disappointed in my colleagues. I’ve never been this disappointed. It shouldn’t be this hard. Do you agree with me that there’s no way we can use Dominion even if this audit comes back clear?

I Like Him A Lot, He’s a Great Guy, I Really Like Him… He’s a decent guy. (Colonel Waldron)

I challenged our legal counsel to where we were yelling at each other. And you know who’s really understanding this after like five days of being in office, is Stephen Richer. You should have a conversation with Stephen Richer. He’s already frustrated. He’s only been in office five days. Some folks always want to be right or they make it about themselves and that’s what my colleagues are doing, unfortunately. Instead of making the decision for themselves, they just want to follow the gospel truth of whatever legal counsel is telling them.

I wanna say, hey guys, yeah we might have pulled off an election by way of logistics but there’s some questions and concerns about the software and we should look into it. Don’t just try to defend something because we don’t know if it’s good or bad we’re not techno-geeks we don’t know anything about this.

And it’s not just Arizona, right? It was Georgia it was Michigan it was all these other states so it’s not just like it was an isolated incident with no proof. I think that’s the answer because I’ll tell you what I question this. If you remember about a month ago, actually clint Hickman had 2 auditors come out here and I don’t know if you guys heard this story, and I said good let’s get them going and our legal counsel said no we still don’t think we should and I said why in the hell did we spend money to get two auditors out here and then send them back. That was a stupid ass decision. Clint Hickman and I have not had a personal conversation since then.

Legal counsel is probably telling them not to do anything that gets them arrested but Chucri wanted to do the right thing all along.

Criminals often use legal counsel to avoid penalties.

The Board needs to do the right thing.

The post BREAKING – Steve Chucri AUDIO: Chucri Was BULLIED OUT OF AUDIT PT.1 – “I’ll Tell You What I Question This.” – Colonel Waldron – “I Like Him A Lot, He’s a Great Guy, I Really Like Him” appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

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