BREAKING: Senate Passes Bill to Avoid Rail Strike

The US Senate on Thursday voted 80-15 to avert a rail union strike.

The House of Representatives on Wednesday voted 290-137 to avert the rail union strike.

The Senate-passed bill, which rejected separate measures to give rail workers extra sick leave days, will head to Biden’s desk for a signature.

Rail union workers were expected to go on strike on December 9.

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Fox News reported:

The Senate Thursday passed a bill to avoid a railroad strike, while rejecting separate measures to give rail workers extra sick leave days and to extend a cooling-off period between management and labor for 60 days.

The bill to avoid the strike passed 80 to 15 with bipartisan support and avoids a catastrophic blow to the U.S. economy ahead of the holidays. It will now head to President Biden for his final signature.

“I am very glad that the two sides got together to avoid a shutdown which would have been devastating for the American people, for the American economy, and so many workers across the country.” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said ahead of the votes.

Schumer announced the votes Thursday afternoon after negotiations between Republicans and Democrats on how to handle two bills the House passed Wednesday on preventing the strike and giving workers seven extra sick days.


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