BREAKING: President Trump Releases EPIC New Ad on Truth Social and YouTube – Exposing Crimes and Failures of Biden Regime, Democrats, and Deep State Criminals

President Trump released a new ad Wednesday morning on YouTube titled “Wolves.”

The ad covers the crimes, failures, and dangerous lies of Joe Biden, Democrats and their precious Deep State.

From the ad: “Here’s a question for you. Just how far are the radical left and inside the Beltway bandits willing to go to stop him? We all know they hate him for winning the fight to protect life, for exposing their deep state, for draining their precious swamp. And they already know he’ll crush Biden. So like a pack of rabid wolves, they attack. So let’s impeach him. Let’s get tainted radical left prosecutors to charge him. Let’s conspire with Hillary and the FBI with fake stories about him, all to distract from Biden’s incompetence weakness and money grabbing corruption. But here’s the thing. He’ll never blink. That called having the courage of your convictions. And it’s why he’s our president. I’m Donald J. Trump, and I approve this message.”

The video was posted on Truth Social.

And YouTube.

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