BREAKING: Laura Loomer Detained in Illinois After Confronting Disgraced Former FBI Director James Comey at His Book Signing

Independent journalist and former congressional candidate Laura Loomer was detained in Illinois on Monday after confronting disgraced former FBI director James Comey at his book signing event.

Loomer said that she asked Comey “why a criminal is writing crime novels,” which prompted him to leave the stage.

“I was just ILLEGALLY DETAINED by Naperville police in Illinois after I confronted the former, criminal FBI Director James Comey at his book signing for his new crime novel!” Loomer tweeted with photos from the event. “Comey left the stage after I confronted him about why a criminal is writing crime novels. Video coming soon!”

The conservative firebrand continued, “It’s too bad I was escorted out and illegally detained by the police after asking @Comey my question.”

“I really wanted to stay for the book signing and get my personalized books signed for my ‘friends husband’ Michael @GenFlynn, as in Michael Flynn and my dear uncle Roger, as in @RogerJStoneJr . Maybe next time!”

Loomer concluded the post with the hashtag #LOOMERED — a term widely used to describe when she confronts a politician or public figure about their wrongdoings.

Gen. Flynn responded by quote tweeting the post and adding, “Homey don’t play that game 😂 And he wishes his book was a Barnes & Noble bestseller without all the fanfare he gets from his butt kissers in the MSM.”

Stone also replied, tweeting, “Are you telling me big Jim Comey can’t handle Little @LauraLoomer?”

This is the second time Loomer has confronted Comey. Just last week, President Donald Trump shared her video of that confrontation on Truth Social.

Loomer told the Gateway Pundit that she was in Illinois after being asked to be the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding and saw that Comey would also be in town for the book event.

“I find it ironic that a real-life criminal is now writing crime novels instead of spending time in prison for conspiring against a sitting US president,” Loomer said. “But I guess it takes a criminal to know a criminal.”

“Perhaps it is more of a manifesto than a novel,” Loomer laughed.

When asked what was going on by a Naperville Police officer, Loomer told them she had been questioning a criminal speaking on the stage. She was ultimately detained for about 15 minutes before being released.

Loomer’s friend who remained in the audience said she overheard one woman complain about the confrontation, while another called the move “brave.”

The footage will be released by tomorrow morning. The Gateway Pundit will update this story when it is released.

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