BREAKING: Danish Mall Shooter Identified – 22-Year-Old Noah Esbensen — He Posted Weird Gun Videos on YouTube On Saturday Before Shooting

There was a mass shooting today at Field mall in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

Several people were reportedly killed and injured.

The killer was seen on video walking in the mall with a long gun on his shoulder.

Noah Esbensen posted two videos on YouTube a day before the shooting.

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The Gateway Pundit identified Esbensen hours ago.

He was wearing the same vest during the shooting that he wore in his videos.
He is another deranged young man who posted several suicide videos on his YouTube page.

The mainstream media did not release his name for hours.
The Daily Mail finally released his name late Sunday.

in his videos he is seen holding a gun to his head.

In one 28-second clip posted yesterday Esbensen holds a gun to his head in what is likely his apartment.

Noah is clearly wearing the same vest in his videos and at his arrest.

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