BREAKING: Biden Must Have Sanctioned the China Flight Over the US – Per Former RAF and Commercial Pilot

A high-altitude balloon floats over Billings, Montana, on Wednesday. A Pentagon spokesman said Thursday that the U.S. was "tracking" the balloon.

The Biden team must have sanctioned China’s balloon flying over the US says a former RAF and commercial airline pilot who flew in and out of the US. 

A former Royal Air Force pilot who flew Harrier jets and then flew hundreds of flights in and out of the US as a commercial pilot shared some breaking information with TGP.

The former RAF pilot shared the following:

At an absolute minimum, an object flying over the United States, a plane or balloon, has to file a flight plan.

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In addition, at the absolute minimum, the object (plane or balloon) must have a transponder so that other flying objects know where it is and don’t crash into it.

Because of these two items, the FAA had to know that the China balloon spotted flying over the US was coming.

If the FAA did not know this then it is illegal and as President Trump recommends, it should be removed from US airspace immediately.

The balloon also can legally only fly in certain areas.  It needs to be above the commercial airline space of approximately 50,000 feet.

There are lots of areas or zones in the US where a flying object cannot fly.  Flying is prohibited over these areas.

China has reportedly admitted that the balloon is theirs and according to a US General, the balloon can be controlled.

Pentagon Spox Says China Spy Balloon Is Maneuverable; Won’t Say Where It Is Now Over US, Tells Concerned Americans They Can Go Look in the Sky

Based on the information above, the former pilot tells us that the Chinese balloon flight must have been sanctioned by the Biden regime.

Biden might have done this if the Chinese have information on Biden or if he is being paid off.

The American people have no idea what is on or in the balloon.

What technology is on the balloon and what is being sent back to China?  How is the data sent?

This is very similar to the Gary Powers spy plane going down over Russia.  It has the same importance.  [Powers flew a U-2 spy plane over Russia that was shot down and as a result a major international incident ensued.]

Our pilot friend says:

Biden must have sanctioned it.

These things don’s just drift in.

Someone must have said it was ok to fly over US airspace.

Someone must have sanctioned it.

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