Biden Visits Collapsed Bridge in Pittsburgh to Tout Infrastructure – Fireman Tells Biden: Loud Boom Then Sound Like Jet Engine (VIDEO)

Well, isn’t this convenient.

A Pittsburgh bridge collapsed Friday morning just hours before Joe Biden was scheduled to travel to the city to tout his Infrastructure bill.

10 people were injured when the bridge collapsed around 6 AM. It could have been much worse if it happened just hours later in the morning.

Biden visited the scene of the collapsed bridge to tout infrastructure.

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The fireman on scene told Joe Biden, “there was just a loud… like a jet engine.”

The fireman said it is unclear if a gas leak caused the bridge to collapse or if the collapse caused the gas leak.

“It’s incredible… I didn’t realize that there are literally more bridges in Pittsburgh than any other city in the world…We’re going to fix them all,” Biden said.

VIDEO – note: video has tech issues:

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