Biden Tells Reporters His Border Crisis is “Looking Much Better” During Oval Office Meeting on Debt Ceiling (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday met with congressional leaders to discuss the debt ceiling.

Speaker McCarthy, Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, McConnell and Schumer met with Joe Biden in the Oval Office to discuss the debt ceiling.

The meeting was off to an awkward start.

“Hello folks. Get a good picture of all of us. We’re having a wonderful time. Everything’s going well. Hahaha!” Biden said, followed by an awkward silence.


It was another fruitless meeting.

Speaker McCarthy told reporters on Tuesday they still aren’t close to a deal.


Biden refuses to budge after House Republicans passed a debt limit resolution.

Joe Biden will be taking off to Japan for the G7 Summit without coming to an agreement on the debt limit.

Reporters shouted questions at Joe Biden as his handlers pushed them out of the Oval Office.

Joe Biden smiled as he told reporters his border crisis is “looking much better.”

This is after a migrant child died in US custody over the weekend.


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