Biden Snaps at Reporter Asking Why He Compromised on the Debt Ceiling: “I Didn’t. I Made a Compromise on the Budget” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden Sunday evening delivered remarks on his final agreement with Speaker McCarthy on the debt ceiling.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden on Sunday reached a final agreement on the debt limit to avert a government default.

Congress must now approve of the final bill before the June 5 deadline.

Conservative House lawmakers were not happy about McCarthy’s $4 trillion debt ceiling increase with some spending caps.

The deal raises the debt limit for 2 years so it won’t have to be addressed again until after the next presidential election!

A reporter Sunday evening asked Joe Biden why he negotiated with McCarthy on the debt ceiling after previously vowing not to.

Biden snapped at the reporter and insisted he didn’t compromise on the debt ceiling.

“If you want to try to make it look like I made some compromise on the debt ceiling, I didn’t. I made a compromise on the budget,” Biden said.


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