Biden Mocks Concerns About Freedom in New COVID Vaccine Video, Peddles Misinformation as He Complains Debate Has become “Awful Political”

The White House released a video Saturday of Joe Biden promoting COVID-19 vaccination by talking via remote with a vaccine hesitant Black woman who recently got her first COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine shot. Biden was seated at the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office facing a giant screen TV that was set close to the desk. The woman was identified on screen as “Stephanie, Endoscopy Technician” and it appeared she was speaking from her workplace. The date the video was recorded was not disclosed, though from the discussion it would seem to have been this past week.

Biden complained about vaccine misinformation and mocked those choosing not to get vaccinated as being concerned about “freedom”. Biden himself peddled misinformation by telling Stephanie the Pfizer vaccine won’t work unless she gets her second shot. A report by the CDC shows the Pfizer vaccine is 82 percent effective with just the first dose.

Stephanie said FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine (yes, this writer knows via government sleight of hand approval) caused her to overcome her concerns about reports of the vaccine’s side effects.

Biden repeated his attack line on those not wanting to get vaccinated by saying, “This is an epidemic of the unvaccinated, not the vaccinated. Anybody who’s not vaccinated is in real trouble with this Delta variant.”

In response to Stephanie saying she was “pretty scared about the stories people was telling” about the vaccines, Biden complained about misinformation and politicization of the discussion about the vaccines. Biden dismissed concerns about freedom by mockingly raising a clenched fist as he spoke.

“There’s so much misinformation that’s been put out, but it’s become awful political. You know, it’s about freedom, it’s about this about that. When you got a shot for the measles it’s not about freedom, it’s about making sure you don’t get the measles.”

Biden also gave some misinformation of his own, telling Stephanie that the vaccine won’t work unless she gets her second shot, saying,”…Don’t miss it now, okay? Because it doesn’t work until two weeks after that second shot.”

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines become fully effective two weeks after the second shot, but a single shot will provide strong benefits in most cases. Via the CDC, March 2021:

“The first U.S. multisite test-negative design vaccine effectiveness study among HCP (health care personnel) found a single dose of Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines to be 82% effective against symptomatic COVID-19 and 2 doses to be 94% effective.”

White House video with Biden statement, “I know some folks are hesitant to get vaccinated, but the vaccine is safe, effective, and the best way to protect yourself and those you love. I sat down with Stephanie, who got the Pfizer vaccine after it received its full FDA authorization, to talk about her experience.”

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