Biden: I’m Making it “Mandatory” For Airlines to Compensate Passengers For Delayed or Canceled Flights with Free Meals, Hotels, Taxis…On Top of the Cost of Refunding Your Ticket (VIDEO)

80-year-old Joe Biden delivered remarks for a few minutes on flight delays and cancellations with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Biden’s handlers trotted him out for a few minutes before he shuffled away without answering any questions.

Joe Biden struggled to read his teleprompter and couldn’t even spell the new website his admin just launched.

Then he thought Memorial Day was this weekend.

Joe Biden said he is making it “mandatory” for airlines to compensate passengers for delayed or canceled flights with free meals, hotels, taxis etc.

“Later this year, my administration will propose a historic new rule that will make it mandatory, not voluntary, but mandatory, for all US airlines to compensate you with meals, hotels, taxis, rideshares and rebooking fees – and cash miles and/or travel vouchers whenever they are the ones to blame for the cancelation or delay… and that’s all on top of the cost of refunding your ticket,” Biden said.

Of course the extra costs will just be passed down to the consumers!

Thanks, Joe!


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