Biden-Harris Administration’s New Gaslighting Video Is Over-the-Top – Kamala: “I Think We Are Off to a Great Start…”

Biden-Harris Administration’s new gaslighting video is over-the-top. Kamala: “I think we are off to a great start…”

Guest post by Bob Bishop

The White House released a new video celebrating the Biden-Harris Administration’s second anniversary and fallaciously touting economic growth, uniting the world, and bi-partisan leadership. It is over-the-top gaslighting along with an incoherent, tone-deaf message.

Viewer warning: Kamala Harris nauseatingly strokes Biden’s ego.

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In the past, the Presidents used the position as a bully pulpit to advocate their agenda. However, the Biden Administration relies exclusively on gaslighting to cover its corruption, misconduct, and failures instead of addressing the problems. It is a demonic, make-believe government.

Gaslighting is an insidious form of psychological abuse where the abuser denies the target or victim’s reality. Unfortunately, the mainstream press’s political bias and collusion have turned gaslighting into a brazen systemic psychological manipulation of the public.

Ridiculing gaslighting by public sarcasm and satire is the antidote.  So let’s visit the top-ten failures of the past two years of the worst Presidential Administration in American history.

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