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Biden Gang Wants Closer Ties with China While Ignoring China’s COVID Guilt and Intimidating Flights Over Taiwan

Every action the Biden Administration has made is in China’s favor – everyone.  So it comes as no surprise that China Joe is wanting to help China some more.

We asked months ago, who would be leading Binden’s Administration if he stole the 2020 Election?  Would it be Obama, Soros, or China?  It appears now as it did then, that all three would run Biden’s Administration.

President Trump Asked: “Does Anyone Know Who’s Controlling Biden?”

It comes as no surprise that China Joe would try and help China some more.  The Washington Free Beacon reports this weekend that Biden’s Commerce Secretary is wanting closer relations with China.

Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo called Friday for closer business ties with China even as Beijing increases its military muster.

“It’s just an economic fact” that the United States must trade with China, Raimondo told the Wall Street Journal. “I actually think robust commercial engagement will help to mitigate any potential tensions.”

Raimondo also said that climate-change cooperation with China may prove “fruitful” for the United States. Biden climate czar John Kerry, whom Chinese officials in September relegated to a Zoom conference as they met in person with Taliban leaders, has made similar comments. As commerce secretary, Raimondo plays a vital role in managing international trade, including with Chinese companies often flagged for national security concerns.

Hint – China doesn’t care about climate change unless it can help the CCP gain more power

Steve Bannon says the US should be demanding reparations from China.  We shouldn’t be giving them things.

Why are US Politicians Weak on China? Bannon Says We Should be Demanding Reparations As a Result of COVID

In addition, China is threatening Taiwan more and more.  Why would Biden want to help them?

Breaking: China Dispatches Warships, ASW Aircraft and Fighter Jets off Coast of Taiwan Following Fall of Afghanistan #BidenEffect

The Biden gang appears to be in China’s pocket.  Everything they do helps the CCP and hurts the US.  What is going on?

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