Biden Gang Caught in More and More Lies – Showing a Total Disregard for the Truth

The Biden Administration shows that they will lie about anything.  

We should probably expect this from such a dishonest gang of people.  This shows they will lie about anything.  Back in the 1980’s when he ran for President he lied about virtually everything.

Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki this week claimed that Joe Biden came up with the term ultra-MAGA.  Of course, it is highly unlikely that Joe Biden could come up with anything on his own.   Soon enough it became clear that Biden did no such thing.

Twitchy reported a similar story earlier this week.  The Biden White House reported that they came up with the vaccines that weren’t available when they started and added new jobs since the 2021 inauguration.

Biden’s claim about the vaccines was soon debunked by his own tweet.

As far as job creation, the jobs Biden claimed he created were actually people going back to work.

The entire world knows now that everything Biden does is a lie. 

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