Bearded Powerlifter Enters Canadian “Womans” Competition to Make a Point – Shatters Record

I think he made the point. 

Dudes are entering women’s sports and breaking records while women are pushed to the sidelines.  One man had enough of this and he did what he could to point out the absurdity of men in women’s sports.

Canadian powerlifting coach, Avi Silverberg, entered the Alberta Women’s bench press and shattered the record.  He claimed he was a woman and won the trophy.

The New York Post reported that a bearded male powerlifter, Avi Silverberg, identified as a woman to enter the Heroes Classic in Lethbridge, Alberta. Silverberg proceeded to lift almost 370 pounds, shattering the existing Alberta record of 275 pounds.

Silverberg performed the feat as the existing record-holder, trans athlete Anne Andres, watched.

Canadians had enough when a male won a recent competition claiming he was a female.

The Comeback wrote:

Silverberg, the longtime head coach for Team Canada Powerlifting, was protesting the appearance of transgender women in competition. The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) shared video of the event. The group bills its mission statement as “Elevating and empowering female athletes. Protecting safety, fairness and opportunity for girls and women.”

Dudes in women’s sports are an affront to women in general.  This effort is the destruction of the way God made us.

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