Bankruptcy Court Should Immediately Clawback $40 Million in Recent Donations to DNC from CEO of Failed Crypto FTX

The Democrats are happy take money from anyone they can.  The Clintons have made this their mission. 

A couple of days before the 2022 midterms, the CEO of crypto FTX saw $6 billion in withdrawals in his crypto over a 72-hour period.  This led him to try and sell to a Chinese buyer.  This didn’t work out.

Democrats’ “Newest Megadonor” Loses Billions As Crypto Exchange Fails — “Dot-Com Bust Level Event”

This guy Sam Bankman-Fried gave the Dems over $40 million dollars.  This information is available from the FEC.

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Bob Bishop points this out on Twitter.

These dollars should be clawed back from the Democrat Party now.

Hat tip to Bob Bishop for sharing this info. 

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